Hotel Bären Wengen Review

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After a pleasant night in Lauterbrunnen, we took a short train ride to the other side of the valley and stayed a night at Hotel Bären in Wengen, Switzerland. It is important to note, Wengen is car-free, so if arriving by car like we did, you would need to park your car at the nearby parking garage in Lauterbrunnen and take the train into Wengen.

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Hotel Bären is a beautiful, recently-renovated hotel within walking distance of the Wengen train station.

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Even before we entered the hotel, I was impressed with the surrounding beauty of the Swiss Alps and the colorful flowers.

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The flower theme continued as we entered our room, which was very colorful and delightfully decorated.

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I loved the duvet covers and yes, the beds were just as comfortable as they look!

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Even the bathroom was lovely with splashes of bright colors on the towels, soap bottle, and even the tissue box!

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Flowers, flowers everywhere! There were even more flowers on our balcony, which provided breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau region!

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Of course, you’ll need to pay a little extra to book a balcony room, but trust me… it is totally worth it!

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There are not too many other places in the world where you will get to wake up to this serene landscape!

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Sam took some time to relax and read on the balcony. Other times, he set down with his Kindle, sipped on the coffee he made with the supplies in the room, and just enjoyed the view!

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Often times, it’s the little things that let you know your hotel hosts go above and beyond to make your stay an excellent one. Providing us with complimentary Swiss chocolate is just one of those ways! Hosts Therese and Willy have put a lot of heart and energy into making Hotel Bären a wonderful place to stay.

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Dinner is included in the room rate. (If you do not wish to have dinner at the hotel, you can reduce the price of the room rate by 20 CHF, but again, trust me… you want to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant!)

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The dining room is elegantly decorated with peaceful colors and candlelight.

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A 4-course meal is provided. All of the food was of the finest quality and we left full and very satisfied!

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The first course was a lemon-grass soup. Honestly, when this was mentioned to me, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the flavor, but man oh man, were my taste buds pleased!

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The next course was a warm asparagus salad served with a small side salad.

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I opted for the vegetarian dish which consisted of pesto gnocchi and wonderful sauteed vegetables.

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Sam had the bacon-topped pork medallions and stuffed tomato.

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We were almost too full to eat desert, but when they brought out the vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and strawberry whipped cream, we simply couldn’t resist! The menu changes daily and with the season, but we can vouch that all of the food we had was made of the finest ingredients and of the best quality.

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Breakfast is also included in the room rate and even though Sam and I were almost still too full from the previous nights’ dinner, we enjoyed the variety of fruits, cheeses, cereals, and yogurts!

In addition to the wonderful assortment of teas and fresh coffee, guests can also prepare their own fresh-squeezed orange juice with the hand-powered juicer!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Bären and recommend that you consider a stay during your next visit to the Jungfrau region. Take it from us- DO NOT cut your time in this region too short. We were only in this particular area for 3 days total and barely scratched the surface. With endless miles of cable cars and hiking trails awaiting you, do yourself a favor and give yourself a week (at least) to explore all that the Jungfrau region has to offer!

We’d like to thank Hotel Bären for their partnership, as they provided us with a complimentary stay so we could share our experiences with you. As always, our write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences we had. This post contains affiliate links, which simply means if you click on one of our links, we may receive a small fee, at no additional cost to you.


  1. What time of year did you visit? It’s beautiful there.

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