Fine Swiss Food at Hotel Schützen Restaurant

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Hotel Schützen is not only a spectacular chalet-style hotel located in the heart of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, it is also home to a traditional Swiss restaurant offering the finest foods and local wines.

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The restaurant is beautifully and traditionally decorated.

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The service team dresses in original Swiss national costumes.

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The restaurant is open to hotel guests for breakfast and to the public for lunch and dinner.

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The patio offers spectacular views of the surrounding Swiss Alps and Staubbach waterfall.

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Local wines and beers are available to compliment your delicious Swiss food.

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We started our multi-course meal with the Apero Platter, which consisted of savory dried meats and alp cheeses.

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While in Switzerland, I wanted nothing more than to eat fondue! After all, fondue is the epitome of Swiss food!

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With my potatoes and basket of fresh bread, I was ready to dip!

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The cheese was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t just the traditionally-served Swiss cheese fondue; this version was loaded with flavor! I had herb cheese on one side and tomato flavored cheese on the other. Both were incredible!

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Sam had the beef sirloin steak, which he proclaimed was “the best steak he has ever had’. The cut is partially cooked and then brought out on a hot stone. You decide how much you want the meat cooked; just start eating when it reaches your desired internal temperature.

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The steak was served with a variety of traditional and unique sauces. Sam tried each and every one and said the curry and garlic butter were his favorites.

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It was quite the delicious feast!

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Next time you find yourself in or near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, I highly recommend you stop by Hotel Schützen and enjoy some delicious Swiss food in their restaurant (even if you’re not staying at the hotel)! Trust me… your taste buds will thank you!

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