About Us

Hi there! We’re Sam & Toccara, creators of Forget Someday. Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site!

Granby (39)

 Our story goes all the way back to when we met in pre-school at the age of 3. (See if you can identify us in our class photo below.)

Pre School Sweethearts

Pretty cute, right?! In short, we met in pre-school, had crushes on each other through various phases of our lives, finally dated late in our 20’s, and made it official on New Year’s Eve 2010.

We both have a passion for travel, adventure, and exploring new places and cultures! We’ve already crossed a ton of items off of our ever-growing Bucket List and look forward to making more of our travel dreams come true! With Toccara’s planning and photography skills and Sam’s filming, editing, and technical web skills, we’ve put together this website to inspire you to get out and explore this beautiful world we live in!

UPDATE: The adventure just got a lot more exciting! During our travels abroad, we picked up quite the souvenir and welcomed a little adventurer to our family in September 2017.

Our new little adventurer joined our traveling family in September 2017

Our Travel Style

 To put it simply, we enjoy small town experiences and outdoor adventures. Though we’ve visited a few big cities (Paris, London, Athens, etc.), we much prefer getting out of the city and escaping the crowds. We prefer to travel slowly and to take it all in. Our favorite journeys usually end up being road trips through the countryside, casual hiking through splendid landscapes, and exploring charming small towns.

Geysir Car Rental provided us with a vehicle to explore rustic Iceland
Mannlichen (102)
Hiking through the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland
Eguisheim (8)
Enjoying the small town charm of Eguisheim, France

You typically won’t find us in a museum, but rather outdoors exploring a city or the surrounding area by foot. Though you are likely to find us perusing the stalls of an open-air market sampling the local flavors or tasting beer or wine at the local brewery/winery.

Hallstatt (68)
Wandering the streets in beautiful Hallstatt, Austria
Boulder (87)
Sampling wine at Bookcliff Winery in Boulder, Colorado with Sam’s parents

We are always up for an adventure, however we don’t consider ourselves adrenaline junkies! Can’t say we’ve ever had the desire to go bungee jumping, downhill skiing, or repelling down into a cave, but we have been snowmobiling, on a helicopter tour, extreme hummer and TomCar tours, and hot air balloon rides, to name a few!

Snowmobile (35)
Snowmobiling with Grand Adventures in Winter Park, Colorado
Kauai (1247) Edited
Helicopter Tour with Mauna Loa in Kauai, Hawaii
Scottsdale (854)
Loving our ‘desert tan’ from all of the dust on our TomCar adventure with Green Zebra in Scottsdale, Arizona

Work With Us!

Forget Someday Profile Logo- Revised

Currently, the majority of our readers live in the United States, with a growing number hailing from Europe. At present time, Forget Someday is averaging 60,000+ page-views monthly, and that number continues to grow as we expand our audience and increase our social media followers. Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to our site, as more and more people are using Pinterest to plan their vacations. Our engagement and growing numbers on Twitter has earned us a Klout score of 67 putting us in the top 10% of social media users. Because photography and videography are among our strengths, our numbers are rapidly increasing on Instagram and on our YouTube channel. Facebook also brings traffic to our site, though we have found that it’s beneficial to put most of our energy into the social media outlets that are really working for us, while not completely ignoring all other avenues of outreach!

Partnership Opportunities:

Press Trips: We want to show off destinations around the globe to encourage others with a similar travel style to get out and explore the beautiful world we live in! If you’re looking for write-ups and exposure on a given destination, tour, itinerary, or activity, please get in touch.

Advertisements: Got a company, product, tour, etc. you’d like us to help promote? So long as what you are selling is in line with our brand and what we represent, we’d be happy to consider placing relevant advertisements on our site in the form of links and banner ads. Contact us for information on size options and pricing.

Product Reviews: If you’d like us to promote your product, please reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind. Typically, we do not advertise products that we have not used personally. Know that we believe in being transparent with our readers and will always provide our honest opinion and review of a product.

If you think we’d be a good match with your promotional interests and goals, head on over to our Contact Us page and shoot us an e-mail! We look forward to working with you!

Sample Feedback from our Readers:

“I came across your site while researching things to do/eat/see in Kauai. It has been really helpful…thank you! I appreciate all the details you’ve shared. We are now booked for the same helicopter tour.”

“I spent all of yesterday and all of today writing things down from your travelogues. Your travel style is just like mine, so your information is incredibly helpful and time saving! Thank you for all of this incredibly helpful information and how easy it is to follow and determine right away from your photos if it is indeed a place I want to go! I now know I want to spend a lot more time in Portugal than I had originally planned because of your photos!”

“Love the Utah RV trip blog. Thanks for having this – I’m going to build our itinerary around yours.”

“Heading to Iceland at the end of February. Came across your blog when doing research – I really enjoyed reading it, seeing the pictures and all the good advice. Thanks!”

“I love all of the beautiful pictures and helpful hints you shared! I’m going to Kauai with my family this summer and I’m excited to visit some of the places you’ve recommended!”

“Hi, I stumbled across your blog while searching for things to do in Denver and I enjoyed it so much I ended up looking at all of your posts! Just curious, what camera do you shoot with? Your photos are amazing!”

“Wow! Beautiful photos! I am really interested in checking out Zaabär during my day in Brussels now.”

“Thank you for all the helpful info. Plan to save and use when planning trip.”

“We wanted to give you a hardy “Thank You” for compiling your trip details and insights into an easy to read format! We are planning our upcoming honeymoon to Croatia and your island hopping itinerary has helped us plan what we hope is an amazing escape to the island life.”
Jess & Ronan

“Really cute town! I’ve been to the Netherlands a few times, and even studied there for a few weeks, though had never heard of Haarlem. Thanks for the inspiration to get back – will skip Amsterdam next time instead!”

“Hi! Just came across your blog on Pinterest! I’m about to go on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise at the end of this month, and you totally just helped alleviate my nerves! Thank you for all of your travel tips and notes! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Breathtaking pictures! Visiting Iceland is definitely on our bucket-list…and seeing these pictures, I feel like booking the next flight to Iceland!”

“This was so informative! My husband and I are going to pack up the kayaks and head over [to the west coast of Florida] for a few days following your agenda.”

“Thank you so much for capturing the experience [Whale Watching in Juneau, Alaska] on video. That was wonderful to watch. That is a dream of mine to one day be able to do that exact trip.”

“Iceland looks really amazing in your photos! I have to admit that Iceland is not really a place that is high on my travel radar, but seeing your photos really makes me curious to eventually explore those rugged landscapes as well. Thanks for sharing those beautiful impressions of your trip…”

“Sounds like such a fun and exciting adventure–this really makes me want to go [TomCar Adventure with Green Zebra]! We were just in Phoenix and missed out on this–will definitely have to add it to the list for next time.”