Bucket List

Travel Abroad for an Entire Year

See Orcas in the Wild

Rent an RV and Cruise to Various National Parks

See the Northern Lights TWICE now!!

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

See the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Visit the Colosseum in Rome

Stand in the Sistine Chapel in Rome

Spend Some Time Under the Tuscan Sun

Drive the Amalfi Coast in Italy

See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Visit Acropolis in Athens

Relax in Kauai, Hawaii

Go White Water Rafting

Go Parsailing

Go Ziplining

Visit Alaska / Go on an Alaskan Cruise

Visit Switzerland, Austria, and Germany

Hike in the Swiss Alps

Visit Belgium & the Netherlands

Try on a pair of wooden shoes in Holland

Visit Ireland, Scotland, and England

Spend the night in a castle

Spend the night inside a medieval city

Visit Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Visit Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary

Go on a River Cruise

Do a Village-to-Village Hiking Trek

Go Island Hopping in Croatia

Visit the Christmas Markets in Europe

Camp in a Silver Bullet Trailer

Go to a Drive-In

Sleep in a Tree House

See a Polar Bear in the Wild

Road Trip through Oregon and Washington

View lava flow (from a safe distance)

Go Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Sleep on a Houseboat

Relax in the Maldives

Go Hang-Gliding

Spend the night in a hammock on the beach

Visit Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti

Explore New Zealand by Campervan

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in the South Pacific

Visit Norway, Sweden, and Finland

Cruise/Kayak the Fjords of Norway

Hike/Camp in the Highlands in Iceland

Rent a Villa in Tuscany

Visit the Lakes District (UK)

Roadtrip through Wales and Cornwall (Southwestern UK)

Stargaze at several of the International Dark Sky Parks

Scuba Dive a Shipwreck (Sam only)

Visit Chile/Argentina – Hike Through Patagonia

Explore Greenland

Visit Antarctica


  1. Oh my gosh! It is almost done. Add more!!!!

  2. Every time we travel we learn about new places that we want to see so our list just keeps growing and growing. Now we have it down to just one item… everywhere!

    • Ha ha! That’s a great list- EVERYWHERE! I feel like everyday I’m learning about new places I never knew existed. Our list is slowly evolving into experiences we hope to have, not just places to check off a list! It’s fun to have goals to work toward, though! Thanks for stopping by! 馃檪

  3. Make sure when you go to New Zealand to do the Tongariro Crossing its a brilliant walk across volcanic landscapes. We just visited Vietnam and Cambodia this year and loved the food, people and sights.

  4. Eating danish pastry 馃檪 The best in the world


    I am also passionate about travel but work does not allow me as much time as I would like. I notice that South Africa does not feature on your bucket list. Beautiful country – especially Cape Town and the Western Cape. I live there and it has so much to offer. If you ever get here drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction. Happy travels.

    • We have heard nothing but wonderful things about South Africa. May need to update the Bucket List! We will definitely get in touch when we make it to that region of the world!

  6. I achieved my ultimate bucket list item I stayed with nomads in a ger(yurt) on the outer Mongolian steppes.
    My wife and I have took part in an Expedition to Egypt with the Royal Geographical Society and also sailed the Nile in a Felucca on a separate trip.
    We have travelled around India by train.
    You have similar experiences on your BL and additionally some that we would like to do-I turned down a hot air balloon trip due to vertigo!

    • WOW! You sound like you have had quite a few incredible travel experiences yourself! You know, I experience vertigo sometimes and am scared of heights, but I’ve been on two hot air balloon rides now and would do it again in a heartbeat! It’s so surprisingly peaceful up there! The sides of the basket come up pretty high, so I felt secure. Cheers to checking off more items on each of our bucket lists!

  7. Don’t forget Iceland! It is gorgeous. If you are in the states the state parks in Utah are unbelievable too (Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, Antelope Canyon).

    • Hi Sandy! We’ve actually been to Iceland and absolutely LOVED it… probably ranks as one of our top favorite countries in the world. We’ve also done the national parks of Utah on an RV Road Trip a few years back. It was truly magical. The only place we didn’t visit that you mentioned is Antelope Canyon, but we definitely want to visit one of these days! Thanks for the recommendations and thanks for stopping by.

  8. We loved Iceland too, much more than I thought I would. Have you been to the Douro Valley in Portugal? Another of our most favorite places. Driving in Norway is also fantastic. We stayed at a small inn called Nes Gard, that had a waterfall across the street that was picture perfect. Love your blog. Keep traveling! I am very jealous that you have a whole year.

    • Yup, been to the Douro River Valley… LOVED it! We haven’t been to Norway yet; gotta wait til we have a little bit more money in our bank account before we tackle traveling in one of the most expensive countries in the world! Glad you’re enjoying our blog. We were only supposed to travel for a year, but a year came and went. It’s been over a year and a half and we’re having too much fun to stop now! We’ll see how long we can sustain long-term travel and until then, we’re having the time of our lives! 馃檪 Please do keep reading our blog and let us know if you have any questions about the places we’ve traveled.

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