1 Day in Provence and Cassis France

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Toulon, France, was a port of call on our 12-day Mediterranean Cruise. We decided to take a wine tour of the Provence region.

Toulon Port

We arrived at the port of Toulon (in the South of France) and met up with our driver for our wine tour (with Provence Wine Tours).

Toulon France

Our first stop was at Domaines Bunan (La Cadiere d’Azur) in the Bandol region.

Domaines Bunan (La Cadiere d’Azur)

Here we actually got a lesson on the vinification process.

Vinification Process

It was fascinating to hear how wine starts as grapes and sometimes ages and barrels for months, even years, until the fermentation process is complete.

Wine barrels

After our tour and lesson, it was on to tasting.

Forget Someday Travel Blog Couple wine tasting

We tried some whites and some red, and as expected, I didn’t love any of the reds, I really liked the first white we tried, Moulin des Costes.

Provence wines

We picked up a few souvenirs including a tomato paste and an Ice Bag, which is used to chill wine.

Provence vineyard and wine barrel

After we were done tasting, we headed to our next winery- Domaine de Souvou (in Le Beausset).

Domaine de Souvou (in Le Beausset)

This was a beautiful estate with lovely floral landscaping, surrounded by lavender fields and olive trees.

Domaine de Souvou (in Le Beausset)

Here we sampled a few wines, then got into sampling olive oil.

Domaine de Souvou wines

We bought a bottle to bring home and cook with, along with some herbs and hand creme made with extra virgin olive oil.

Cassis France

By this time, we were pretty hungry, so we drove to the town of Cassis for lunch.

Boats in harbor Cassis

What a cute little seaside town!

Tourist meal pasta and calzone

We ate at Le 8 et Demi. We started out with a few drinks, then I ordered Gorgonzola pasta and Sam ordered a calzone (which was huge)!

Funny how we were in France ordering mostly Italian food, but our friend, Jenn ordered a crêpe, so it was all good!

Seaside Cassis France

After lunch we strolled over to the beach, just to take a look.

Cassis France Beach

Of course in France, Speedos are all the rage and bathing suit tops are optional. The only boobs the guys got to see where those of an old woman and a busty, overweight redhead. Oh well! Maybe next time we’ll go to Cannes!

La Castellet (Cape Canaill)

For our final stop of the day, we drove to La Castellet (Cape Canaill), one of the highest seaside cliffs in Europe.

La Castellet (Cape Canaill)

The views were breathtaking. I wish we could have stayed longer!

Cassis France

Besides Barcelona, where we ended our 12-day Mediterranean Cruise, this was our last port of call.

Sailboats on Mediterranean Sea

We thoroughly enjoyed the views of Toulon as we left the port.

Toulon France

We would love to come back and spend more time in the South of France!

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