Snowmobiling in Winter Park, Colorado

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As mentioned in previous posts, whenever we travel to a new area, we try to participate in the regional activities. What better way to experience the beauty of recent snowfall than to go snowmobiling up to the top of the continental divide? We partnered with Grand Adventures to “Ride the Divide” and we must confess, it was probably one of the most fun adventures we have ever had!

Snowmobile (18)

We were nervous about being outside in less than 20 degree weather, but once we got suited up, you couldn’t even feel the cold!

Snowmobile (10)

Be sure to bring your own base layers, gloves, and goggles. A helmet is provided and outerwear and boots are included in the inexpensive suit rental.

Snowmobile (87)

We shared this adventure with Sam’s parents and we all agree… this was one fabulous adventure!! Usually, the tours leave right from the Grand Adventures station but not enough snow had yet fallen at the lower altitude. After everyone was suited up, we hopped in a van and went to a starting point slightly higher up the mountain where our rides were waiting!

Snowmobile (80)

There were over 20 people on the 12pm tour we booked, but we were broken up into 3 smaller groups, so we didn’t feel crowded on the trails.

Snowmobile (14)

We were fortunate enough to get the awesome JD as our guide!

Snowmobile (72)

Lucky for us, a previous guest left a GoPro mount on one of the helmets, so Sam was able to capture a lot of our ride on camera!

Snowmobile (6)

None of us had ever been on a snowmobile before, so after a thorough safety briefing and taking it easy on some straight and steady trails, we were off!

Snowmobile (21)Snowmobile (64)

We stopped several times throughout the tour to stretch our legs, check out beautiful scenery, and wait for any riders who may have drifted behind a little ways.

Snowmobile (59)

The blanket of snow and white-capped mountains was unlike anything these Florida and California folks had ever seen. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Snowmobile (46)

After about an hour on the trail, we came upon the BEST part… we were on TOP of the continental divide, over 2 miles above sea level!

Snowmobile (35) Snowmobile (30)

We stopped at the top to take pictures and take another break!

Snowmobile (58)

Sadly, it was time to turn our snowmobiles around and head back down the mountain trail, but fortunately, we still had more adventure ahead! At some parts of the trail, we got our snowmobiles up to 35/40 mph, but our usual cruising speed was about 25 mph, which doesn’t sound fast, but it sure is exhilarating!

Snowmobile (85)

Back down at the trail head, we couldn’t stop smiling—what an adventure!

Snowmobile (78)

If you’re looking for invigorating adventure in the snow, you’ve definitely found it!
I strongly recommend booking with Grand Adventures if ever you are in the Winter Park area. Everyone on staff was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. JD was the most excellent guide making sure that we all had a safe and enjoyable ride!

Check out a quick video of our snowmobile adventure below!

Grand Adventures
partnered with Forget Someday to provide us with a complimentary snowmobile tour. The experiences shared in this review are an honest representation of the experience we had.

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