Driving Through Rocky Mountain National Park

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The Rocky Mountain National Park has a few different entrance points.

Rocky Mountain National Park

We entered on Highway 34, which is known as Trail Ridge Road (“The Highway to the Sky”).

Highway 34 Rocky Mountain National ParkTrail RIdge Road Rocky Mountain National Park

Unfortunately, due to the massive snowfall in the winter, visitors can only go about 10 miles into the park (on the Granby side) before the road closes and you must turn around.

Granby (92) Granby (104)

Although we were only able to drive in about 10 miles, we were in awe of the scenery and were pleased with our decision to visit the park, despite the road closure!

Granby (107) Granby (85)

The snow was piled high at a historical site located in the park!

Granby (108)

We thought it would be fun to do a little exploring!

Granby (109)Granby (112)

We didn’t get too far, as the snow started to get deep…

Granby (124)

… so we went back to our resort to relax and rest our feet by the fire!

Granby (134)

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