Cross Country Skiing in Granby, Colorado

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Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center

None of us had ever been on skis before, so it was a new experience for all of us!

Our First Time Cross Country Skiing

Ski Racks

At the Nordic Center at Snow Mountain Ranch, you can rent skis and/or snowshoes. There are also items for purchase. We all got sized, measured and suited up with our ski boots, skis, and poles.

Snow field Colorado

It was a gorgeous day for being outdoors!

Cross Country Skiis in the snow

It was 19 degrees (Fahrenheit) during our cross-country ski adventure!

Toccara Forget Someday Travel Blog cross country skiingCross Country Skiing

Once you get moving, your body temperature rises and the layers start coming off!

Skis in snow

We all did relatively well on the skis… when we were standing still! (We got the hang of it after a while… it’s not too difficult!)

Cross Country Ski Track Cross Country Ski track

The trails were well-defined and the scenery was just breathtaking!

Family cross country skiing

We stopped quite frequently to catch our breath and to take pictures.

Woman cross country skiing

We certainly had a great time during our first cross-country skiing experience! I’d strongly recommend it to others wanting to get out and be active in the cool winter air!

Smiling man cross country skiing

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Snow Mountain Ranch (YMCA of the Rockies) partnered with Forget Someday to provide us with a 1-day activity pass to the ranch. The comments shared in this review are an honest representation of the experiences we had.

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