Wengen: A Car-Free Alpine Village

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Opposite Lauterbrunnen on the other side of the valley sits Wengen, a car-free village in the Swiss Alps.

Wengen (21)

Because Wengen is car-free (minus a few local farm and service vehicles, and electric vehicles for taxiing to and from the railway station), visitors must arrive via train from Lauterbrunnen or Gridelwald or via cable-car from Mannlichen (via Grindelwald).

Wengen (25)

We stowed our rental car in the Lauterbrunnen car park and enjoyed the 13-minute train ride up the mountain to the other side of the valley.

Wengen (18)

The train station is located in the heart of the village close to many shops and restaurants.

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Also in central “downtown” is the Wengen-Mannlichen Aerial Cableway station. We made the journey to Mannlichen via the gondola cable-car from Grindelwald on the other side of the mountain. (Click here to read about our ride on one of the world’s longest cable car rides!)

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The short main street is lined with a few eateries, hotels, and souvenir and ski shops. The village is just over 5. mile (<1km) from one end to the other, so it’s never very far to walk from place to place. However, parts of the village have steep inclines, for which hauling luggage or ski equipment can leave you pausing to catch your breath.

Wengen (12)

We regrettably only spent one night in Wengen, but thoroughly enjoyed our limited time in this quaint and charming town.

Hotel Baren (39)

We stayed at Hotel Baren, located just a 10-minute walk from the train station. ->Check Availability & Current Prices<-

Hotel Baren (25)

Our room was super cozy and the view was nothing short of spectacular!

Hotel Baren (46)

Sam made himself right at home, sipping on coffee and enjoying a good read on our balcony. (For more details about our stay at Hotel Baren, click here.)

Hotel Baren (77)

Our recommendation: Plan to stay more than one night in Wengen! You’ll want to stare at views like this for longer than just one day!

Check out the brief video below to see how we spent our time in the beautiful Jungfrau region of Switzerland:


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