Grindelwald Mannlichen Cable Car Gondola

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The Bernese Oberland region in the Swiss Alps has a vast network of cable cars, trains, and hiking trails leaving visitors with endless options for exploring this majestic area of Switzerland. One of our best memories of visiting the area was riding the Grindelwald Mannlichen cable car, one of the longest gondola rides in the world!

Mannlichen Jungfrau Switzerland

During an all-too-short summer visit to the Swiss Alps we were fortunate to explore 3 of the 4 villages that make up the Jungfrau region, including GrindelwaldWengen, and Lauterbrunnen. We simply ran out of time and did not have the opportunity to visit Murren. All that means is that we’ll have to go back for another visit!

Mannlichen Jungfrau Switzerland

Cable Cars to Mannlichen

There are two cable car options to get up to Mannlichen, a summit located at 7,687 ft (2,343 m) overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley below.

Wengen Mannlichen Aerial Cableway

One option is the Wengen Mannlichen Aerial Cableway. Riders stand during the 5-minute ride up the mountain from Wengen to Männlichen. You could end up sharing the cable car with up to 80 people, but the ride is quick, so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. It is the cheaper of the two options if you’re looking to save some money.

Wengen Männlichen Aerial Cableway Ticket Prices

Adult (16+) One Way
23 CHF / 19 Euros / 23.50 USD

Adult (16+) Round-Trip | Return
46 CHF / 38.50 Euros / 47 USD

1/2-Fare Card | GA Travel Card | Children (age 6 to 15) One Way
11.50 CHF / 9.50 Euros / 12 USD 

1/2-Fare Card | GA Travel Card | Children (age 6 to 15) Round-Trip | Return
23 CHF / 19 Euros / 23.50 USD 

Currency conversion is estimated based on exchange rate at time of post update and can change at any time. Prices and hours vary by season, so click here for the most up to date information.

Mannlichen Gondola Cable Car

Grindelwald Mannlichen Gondola Cableway

We chose to reach the summit by way of the Grindelwald Cable Car. This was certainly the more expensive option, but it gave us the privacy and comfort of sitting in our own gondola cable car (which can hold up to 4 people).

Grindelwald Cable Car Price

Adult (16+) One Way
30 CHF / 25 Euros / 30.50 USD

Adult (16+) Round-Trip | Return
60 CHF / 50 Euros / 61.50 USD

1/2-Fare Card | GA Travel Card | Children (age 6 to 15) One Way
15 CHF / 12.50 Euros / 15.50 USD 

1/2-Fare Card | GA Travel Card | Children (age 6 to 15) Round-Trip | Return
30 CHF / 25 Euros / 30.50 USD

Again, currency conversion is estimated based on exchange rate at time of post update and can change at any time. Prices and hours vary by season, so click here for the most up to date information regarding Grindelwald Mannlichen cable car ticket prices.

Mannlichen Cable Car Tickets

We very much enjoyed the relaxing and scenic 30-minute ride up the mountain from Grindelwald to Männlichen. The 4,000+ ft (1,287 m) ascent makes it one of the longest cable car rides in the world!

Cows on a Swiss Mountain

The only sounds we heard during our peaceful ascent were the hum of the moving cables above and the ringing of cow bells below. We passed over a few houses and occasionally saw the hiking trail that guides fit hikers to the Mannlichen summit.

Swiss mountain house

Given our current state of fitness, we decided it would be best to take the cable car to Mannlichen, hike to Kleine Scheidegg, and take the train from Kleine Scheidegg back down to Grindelwald. The Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg hike is along a ridge-line trail that is relatively flat with slight elevation changes, mostly downhill. It takes most hikers about an hour and half to hike the 3 miles from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg.

Mannlichen (74)

If you’re interested in this particular cable car – hike – train combo, purchase a one way Grindelwald Männlichen cable car ticket and a one way Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald train ticket (prices below).

Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald (One Way) Train Prices

Adult (16+)  27 CHF / 22.50 Euros / 27.50 USD

1/2-Fare Card | GA Travel Card | Children (age 6 to 15)  13.50 CHF / 11 Euros / 14 USD

Once again, currency conversion is estimated based on exchange rate at time of post update and can change at any time. Prices and hours vary by season, so click here for the most up to date information regarding Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald Train ticket prices.

Grindelwald Mannlichen Cable Car

Following the 30-minute ride up the mountain, the Mannlichen station came into view and sadly our ride was over.

Grindelwald Mannlichen Cable Car

We couldn’t have even imagined the gorgeous views that awaited us just a 5-minute walk from the station!

Grindelwald Mannlichen Cable Car

Now at an elevation of over 7,000 ft (2,225 m), we stood quietly in awe as views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley down below left us speechless. We were based at Hotel Schützen in Lauterbrunnen for a few nights of our visit to the Jungfrau region. We could just barely see our hotel from the Männlichen summit.

Lauterbrunnen Valley Jungfrau Switzerland Lauterbrunnen Valley Jungfrau Switzerland Lauterbrunnen Valley Jungfrau SwitzerlandForget Someday Travel Blog couple Lauterbrunnen Valley Jungfrau Switzerland

Following our time at the summit, we started to make our way to the trail leading us to Kleine Scheidegg.

Kleine Scheidegg trail sign

As you can see from the sign above, there are many hiking, cable car, and train options from Mannlichen. As mentioned, we purchased a ticket that provided us with the cable car ride to the summit and a train ride back down to Grindelwald (from Kleine Scheidegg). The 1.5 hour hike to Kleine-Scheidegg offered us some of the most epic views of the Swiss Alps. We got a taste for hiking in the Alps without too much strenuous activity.

Check out the brief video below to see how we spent our time in the beautiful Jungfrau region of Switzerland:


  1. Great post! I love this area of Switzerland, we actually went Canyoning in Grindelwald – your photos bring back some amazing memories! So glad you enjoyed your time!

    • Canyoning sounds a little too terrifying for me. I’ll stick with sitting in a little box and riding up the mountain! 🙂 But yes, no matter how you choose to explore… this area is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Looks like a perfect place to go hiking and exploring!

  3. Wow…gorgeous! Those mountains, that view! I would love to go hiking here!

  4. Our family will be taking that gondola cable car ride soon!
    Did you have to buy the tickets in advance (online) or was it possible to purchase them at the station on the day of?

  5. Hello,

    After reading your blog, I think we want to do a very similar itinerary. We are planning to fly JFK-GVA and since I am not familiar with the area, not sure if we should rent a car or take the train to Jungfrau region.
    I really love how you guys spent some time hiking that’s why I’d like to know more of your itinerary. I checked the hotels where you guys stayed at but it’s already fully booked for the dates we are planning to go.

    Anyways, I look forward to hearing back from you and again awesome travel blog!


    • Hi Liz. How wonderful! You will LOVE this region of Switzerland. I would say renting a car vs. taking the train may depend on the time of year you are planning to visit. We visited in early summer and I don’t think I would want to drive on the roads during the winter months. That being said, I also wouldn’t want to hike during the snowy season either, but hey, we were both raised in Florida! Once we got to each town, we really didn’t use the car much, but we did use it to get between villages (except to Wengen; cars are not allowed in this village). Here’s information on the Swiss Trains, if you’d like to consider purchasing a pass –; it can get rather expensive buying tickets individually at full price. I’m sorry to hear that both of the places we stayed are all booked up; we really enjoyed them both! (Even if you don’t stay at Hotel Schützen, you should still consider a meal in their restaurant-!) We do hope you have a wonderful time! It’s an absolutely gorgeous region of Europe and we can’t wait to get back for another visit!
      All the Best,
      Toccara (& Sam)

  6. Love this area of an especially lovely country. So much to see and do, and be inspired by.

    Sadly only had a short time here so did Interlaken and then a day trip up the Jungfraujoch, but this gondola ride looks amazing.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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