Chocolate Making Class in Brussels

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We both LOVE chocolate. An excellent excuse for eating even more of the delicious stuff is to take a chocolate making class! Fortunately, Brussels has no shortage of options.


Not only is Brussels the capital city of Belgium, it is also the chocolate capital of the world!

Zaabär – Chocolate Making Class


We felt extremely fortunate to partner with Zaabär for an informative and delicious one-hour chocolate making class.


Every Saturday at 2:30 pm, visitors are invited to join a Zaabär chocolate maker in a small group setting (maximum 10).

Chocolate making class

Spots are limited, so book early to reserve your spot!

Chocolate making class

Class participants gathered in the shop at around 2:15 pm.

Melted chocolate

We were treated to some delicious hot chocolate and encouraged to sampled to countless varieties of flavored chocolates!

Zaabar chocolates

We all got “suited up” and ready to embark on our adventure of being chocolatiers for the day!

Hair net and apron

(He’s such a good sport!)

In The Classroom

Zaabar Chocolate making class

We started out in a larger group of about 20 people for an informative description and demonstration on how chocolate is made.

Melted chocolate

Melted chocolateZaabar Chocolate making class

The demonstration was given in both English and French and then we were formed into two smaller groups, based on language, and dove right in to creating chocolate bars, mendicants, and truffles!

Spices, nuts, and dried fruits are provided so participants can decorate and flavor their chocolate however they wish.

Dried fruit

Our chocolate maker would first demonstrate how to squeeze the chocolate into the tray using a cornetto and tap it down for an even distribution.

Chocolate making class Brussels

Next, he demonstrated how to squeeze the chocolate, with a steady hand, to create the prefect mendicant. Again, we got to choose the toppings of our choice to create the perfect piece of chocolate.

Brussels Chocolate making class

Finally, we were taught how to dip the pre-made truffle interior into the chocolate before rolling it in the provided chopped nuts.

Chopped nutsChopped nuts

After a light chocolate drizzle on top, the truffles were done!

Chocolate making class Brussels

Chocolate Truffles

Packaged Goodness

The best part: you get to sample your creations as you go and take home everything you make!

Chocolate barsChocolate sweetsToccara Forget Someday Travel Blog

Of course, our group didn’t let any chocolate go to waste!

Eating chocolateChocolate making class eating chocolateChild eating chocolate

These Saturday workshops are great fun for people of all ages. However, another way you can experience the wonderful world of chocolate making without getting your hands dirty would be to take the factory tour. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.


During this hour-long experience, visitors will receive a welcoming hot chocolate and watch a movie about the history and production of chocolate making. Following the movie, tour participants will visit the chocolate factory and learn about the machines and ingredients while looking on as a chocolate maker demonstrates the artisan process of making some of the world’s best chocolate! Then the tour closes out with a tasting in the factory store.

Zaabar chocolates

Zaabar chocolates

While in the store, be sure to stock up on goodies for yourself and family and friends back home. You wouldn’t want to come home empty handed, now would you?!

We’d like to thank Zaabär for their partnership, as they invited us to attend the workshop free of charge, so we could share our experiences with you.

As always, our write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences we had.

For more information on Zaabär, their delicious chocolates, tours, workshops, and private parties, please visit their website.


  1. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    Wow! Beautiful photos! I am really interested in checking out Zaabär during my day in Brussels now 😀

  2. I was spent 2 day in Brussels and ate WAY too much chocolate! I forgot how many things Brussels was famous for (waffles, beer chocolate, hell even BRUSSELS SPROUTS!). I went to a couple good chocolatiers in the old town, I mention where to go in my post, check it out!

    • Ha ha, it’s true, we visited many European cities this past summer and the thing I was most excited about?!- The Food! You’re right, Brussels is known for quite a bit, but we decided to skip the Brussel Sprouts this go-’round. 🙂

  3. Not that I care, but I’ll be gaining about 10lbs after going to Brussels. It will be 100% worth it! 🙂 Great article!

  4. How cool! That’s certainly a real treat!

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