Prague Beer: Everything You Need to Know about Drinking Beer in Prague

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Did you know that the Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world? Therefore, it should come as no surprise that drinking beer is a popular pastime in the capital city of Prague. We’ve put together this first timer’s guide to Prague beer, so you too can partake in this cultural experience when you visit the Czech Republic’s capital city.

Prague Beer
Czech Beer is readily flowing in the capital city of Prague


What to Know Before Ordering Beer in Prague

Before we jump into where to drink beer in Prague, let’s first discuss how to order beer in Prague, the price of beer in Prague, and how Czech beer is identified.

How Much is a Beer in Prague?

A lot of people want to know how much is a pint in Prague. The good news? It’s cheap! The average price of beer in Prague is about 35 CSK (Czech Crowns) for a pint (500 ml or 0.5 liter). This equates to roughly $1.50 US Dollars or 1.30 Euros. The cost of beer in Prague will very depending on the type of beer and location. A pint could cost up to 90 CSK (just under $4 USD or 1.30 Euros) in a microbrewery or in a touristy bar, but this is still considered relatively cheap when compared elsewhere.

Beers in Prague
The price of beer in Prague is really low when compared to other European cities.

How to Order Beers in Prague

Wondering how to say beer in Czech? Wonder no more! The word pivo means beer in Czech. So, to communicate “Can I have a beer please in Czech, simply say, “Pivo, prosim“, which means “Beer, please“. Of course you’ll need to specify the type of beer that you want, but more on that in a minute! If you don’t specify the size, your server will most likely bring out a large (0.5 liter) beer. However, if you want a small (0.33 liter) glass, simply say “Male pivo, prosim“, (pronounced ma-lay pee-vo pro-seem) which means “Small beer, please” in Czech.

Beer in Prague
Na zdraví! is how to say Cheers in Czech

Classification of Czech Beer

If you don’t understand the classification methods of Czech beer, you may potentially end up drinking way too much of the strong stuff! (The following information may be most applicable when purchasing bottles of Sometimes the percentage of alcohol is listed on a beer, but not always. What you’ll see instead is a measure of degrees, usually between 8°-13°, and sometimes even higher. This is a measure of sugar in the beer before fermentation, and therefore it is usually a measure of how much alcohol is in your beer! Some beers contain certain unfermentable sugars, however, so there is not always a direct line to draw between a degree rating and the resultant alcohol percentage. MOST of the time, though, 8° equals about 3.5% alcohol, and 13° weighs in at about 5.7%.

Though most famously known for Pilsner Urquell, Prague, and the Czech Republic as a whole, is not only about the lager (ležák). You can also find dark beer (tmavé) fairly easily, as well as yeast beer (pšeničné – you may know it as hefeweizen). On a rare, great occasion, you might stumble across an amber (jantar).

Best Beer in Prague
Ahhh, the BEST Czech Beer!

So, now that you know a little bit about the types of Prague beers, let’s talk about the WHERE. Given our limited time in the city, we barely scratched the surface, as we imagine there are literally thousands of great places to grab a beer. Nonetheless, following our week-long stay we wanted to share with you some of our favorite places to drink beer in Prague, many of which also happen to include some of the best views in Prague.

Best Breweries in Prague

Klasterni Pivovar at Strahov Monastery

Situated not far from Prague Castle, Klasterni Pivovar is the restaurant/brewery located at the Strahov Monastery and where we found (what we considered to be) the best beer in Prague. They have a very diverse, yet seasonal, beer menu. I had the cool, crisp wheat and Sam went for the special dark lager. Not exactly the cheapest pivo in the city, but oh-so-worth the trek and the slightly higher price tag.

Strahov Monastery Prague
Stop by Klasterni Pivovar (Strahov Monastery) for some of the best beer in Prague
Prague Brewery - Klasterni Pivovar
Interior of Klasterni Pivovar at the Strahov Monastery
Beer Prague
Enjoy a crisp wheat or a special dark lager, among other choices

Want someone else to guide you to some of Prague’s microbreweries and traditional Czech pubs? Check out this popular 1.5-hour Prague Brewery Tour.

U Fleků Brewery & Restaurant

The brewery U Fleků is historical and unique because it is the only brewery in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years. One of the most popular restaurants in all of Prague, U Fleků contains over 1200 seats in eight beautifully decorated halls and one outside garden area. We hope you like dark beer, because it’s the only kind they serve (13° U Fleků dark lager). The décor was lovely and Sam thoroughly enjoyed his beer, but don’t expect service with a smile here.

Pubs in Prague - U Fleku
U Fleků is one of the most popular pubs in Prague
Beer Garden Prague - U Fleku
Have a seat at one of 1,200 seats in one of the many beer halls or outdoor beer garden
Price of Beer in Prague
Drinking beer in Prague makes us happy!

Discover some of Prague’s finest taverns with city experts on this popular 4-hour Tavern Tour.

Hostinec U Tunelu

Slightly off the beaten path (and away from the center of town), we visited Hostinec U Tunelu as part of a private food tour with a local. The place had a rustic, yet homey feel to it. They specialize in honest home-cooking and have a nice selection of Konrad beer. Truth of the matter is, this obviously isn’t the only place where you can get Konrad on tap, but the atmosphere was enough to make it a pleasant environment for enjoying a beer with friends. It’s one of countless great bars in Prague.

Prague Brewery
Hostinec U Tunelu is an off-the-beaten path brewery in Prague
Prague Beer
So many delicious choices of beer from Prague
best places to drink in Prague
Don’t just drink beer in Prague, there are a lot of delicious food options as well!

There is certainly no shortage of great beer gardens throughout the city. Popular among visitors and locals alike, beer gardens are a great place to meet with others , enjoy the outdoors (hope for good weather), and swap stories over a half-liter or two… or three! During our week in Prague we visited only two of the several beer gardens in Prague, but can without a doubt recommend both!

Best Beer Gardens in Prague

Beer gardens offer some of the best places to drink beer in Prague, especially in the warm summer months.

Letná Beer Garden

Letná Beer Garden is situated inside Letná Park within the trendy neighborhood of Prague 7. With options of light and dark beer (but very limited food options) along with stunning views over the Vltava River and of Old Town, it’s the perfect setting for good times and great vistas! Letná is a wonderful location for kicking back and watching the sun set after a long day of exploring the city. This is one of our recommended locations for stellar views of Prague!

Prague Beer Garden
Hanging out with new friends at one of the best Prague beer gardens
View from Letna Beer Garden Prague
Stellar views of Prague from Letná Beer Garden
Old Town Hall Prague
Gorgeous views of Old Town Hall

For a fun, local experience, check out the Prague Beer Museum where you’ll learn about the brewing process, enjoy delicious beer samples, and even bottle your own beer with a personalized label. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Vyšehrad Beer Garden

Though it also has notable city views, what makes Vyšehrad Beer Garden (Na Hradbach) popular is its delicious selection of food. With a few guys from Bosnia behind the grill serving up a variety of meats and vegetables, you’ll want to make sure to come hungry! I couldn’t get enough of the stuffed mushrooms. So, order up a cold Gambrinus, Kozel, or Pilsner beer and some delicious grilled food and relax at one of the largest Prague beer gardens.

Prague Beer Garden - Na Hradbach
Vyšehrad (Na Hradbach) Beer Garden in Prague
Prague Beer Garden Food - Na Hradbach
Visit Na Hradbach, not just for the beer, but for the food!
Gorgeous views everywhere you look in Prague

And though we didn’t have time to visit, we’ve heard that Riegrovy Sady is another beer garden in Prague worth checking out.

Attend a Prague Beer Festival

Festivals in Prague vary drastically in theme and are a common occurrence throughout the year. If you’re fortunate enough to visit Prague during one of the many beer festivals, like we were, THIS is your best opportunity to sample a myriad of options! Light, dark, IPA, amber, lager, pilsner, etc. Try them all… or stick to your favorite(s).

Prague Beer Festival
If you don’t like crowds, you probably should avoid the Prague Beer Festivals
Prague Beer Festival
A Prague Beer Festival is a great way to sample Prague local beer and some of the best Czech beer around
How to say Cheers in Czech
If you’re looking for good beer Prague is where it’s at!!

Na zdraví! -> How to say Cheers in Czech

We hope you enjoyed our Prague beer guide! Again, because we only had a week in Prague, we certainly didn’t visit all of the beer hot spots. Did you also know that you can relax in a large pool of beer at a Prague Beer Spa?! It’s true! Look it up. Please let us know what places we may have missed, so others will know and so we can add them to our itinerary for next time. Share in the comments section below!

Check out our quick intro to Prague video!

 Our stay in Prague was made possible by JayWay Travel. JayWay provides structured and customizable tours throughout Central and Eastern Europe.


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