Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate in Prague

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Often there are posts about where to find the best coffee in a given city. Well, that information is of no use to non-coffee drinkers like myself. Unlike many coffee addicts, like Sam, who need a cup o’ joe every freakin’ day, I usually seek out hot chocolate on a cool winter’s night… or in this case, an unusually cold week of summer in Prague.

Best Hot Chocolate in Prague

Prague bridge at night

Hot Chocolate Made with Real Chocolate Bars at Cafe Ebel

While on a city tour with JayWay Travel, we stopped into this tiny coffee shop to rest our feet and re-energize with a quick snack. While the staff pride themselves on offering delicious fresh roasted coffee, they also serve up a darn good cup of hot chocolate! The trick behind this insanely delectable beverage is that it is made with real chocolate bars.

Cafe Ebel Prague

As mentioned, we also purchased some snacks while at Cafe Ebel. They offer quite the extensive food menu including breakfast items, bagels, cakes and pastries, paninis, and sandwiches. Sam was delighted to find a scrumptious gluten-free chocolate cake. We would highly recommend this place whether you want a light snack, a freshly roasted coffee, or most importantly… an amazing cup of Prague hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate in Prague

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro – “The Best in the City”

It was a long day. We had walked over 8 miles around the city. I wanted to watch one last sunset over the city from Prague Castle, so we stayed in the Castle District part of town until after the sun dropped below the horizon. As we were making our way back to the metro station, a sign caught my eye that read, ‘Hot Chocolate- The Best in the City‘. Oh really?! Well, then, I had to give it a try!

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro, located in Hotel Neruda, is owned by the same folks who own the Prague Chocolate shop just down the street. As a complement to the delicious hot chocolate, you are given a small sampling of their deliciously famous cocoa-covered almonds. I’d note that the cost of their hot cocoa was a little much for the amount you were given, but it was delicious, and quite possibly the best in the city. Though we’d have to plan another trip and sample some more before making a final determination!

best hot chocolate in prague

Mamacoffee – Not Just Coffee!

Mamacoffee has multiple locations around Prague. We visited the shop in Prague 8 (Karlin neighborhood) as part of a food tour with a local Praguer put together by JayWay Travel. While yes, coffee is in the name, and Mamacoffee boasts that they use only fair trade ingredients in their raved-about coffee, I’m here to talk about their hot chocolate, made with soluble cocoa and cane sugar.

mamacoffee Prague

I had the option to add a fruit flavor to my hot chocolate, which I was a little hesitant on, but feeling somewhat adventurous, I cautiously went with raspberry. I must admit, I was a little unsure of my choice when it was placed in front of me, but after one blissful spoonful, I was in hot chocolate heaven! That’s right, I said spoonful. This cocoa concoction was so thick, I had to enjoy it with a spoon. And while raspberries aren’t my favorite fruit by themselves, man, did the flavor do something magical to the already spectacular cocoa treat!

Raspberry hot chocolate

So, while you might be a coffee addict looking for something different or you’re a hot chocolate seeker like myself, be sure to check out these 3 great places for Prague’s best hot chocolate. And since Prague IS known for its beer, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our First Timers Guide to Drinking Beer in Prague post with you. Also, have a look at our post 6 Spots for Stellar Views of Prague to find out where you can enjoy a beer with a view!

Check out our intro to Prague video below!


  1. I’m staying at Design Hotel Neruda this weekend and I can’t wait to try their hot chocolate 🙂

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