Piran Slovenia: A Colorful Little Town Along the Slovenia Coast

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Slovenia isn’t typically a country most people think of when they think of beautiful Mediterranean coastline and beaches. While visiting the capital city of Ljubljana, we realized the Slovene Riviera was just over an hour away, so we decided to take a little day trip to Piran Slovenia.

Piran Slovenia

Piran Slovenia

Slovenia’s sliver of coastline is nestled between Italy to the north and Croatia to the south, on the Gulf of Trieste, by the Adriatic Sea. The Slovene coastline is only 29 miles (46.6 km) long. The port town of Piran is one of three major towns of Slovenian Istria and the only one we visited on our day trip from Ljubljana.

Piran, Slovenia

An exhilarating climb to the bell tower at the Church of St George offers outstanding panoramic views of the peninsula. The cost is only 1 Euro, but just be warned, the wooden stairs are a little rickety which made for a slightly nerve-wracking climb. Also beware that the bells ring loudly on the hour. Sam almost needed a new pair of shorts when the bells chimed at 1 pm.

Bell Tower at the Church of St George in Piran Slovenia

The water color is extraordinary with assorted shades of teal and turquoise pleasantly contrasting the terracotta roofs.

View from bell tower Piran Slovenia

From the bell tower, you get an excellent view of Tartini Square and the small harbor just beyond.

Harbor in Piran Slovenia

Near the harbor, you will find a lighthouse that was built in the 1800s, along with St. Clement’s Church. The church was originally built in the 13th century and modified in the 17th century.


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Tartini Square in Piran

Once back down at sea level, stroll through the narrow Venetian Gothic alleyways and head into the main square. Tartini Square is named after the violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini for whom a statue was erected in 1896.

Tartini Square Piran Slovenia

The square used to be a dock for smaller vessels such as fishing boats and was actually located outside of the city’s first walls. During the Middle Ages, the dock became surrounded by important buildings and palaces, making it an important site of the town. Town officials buried the dock in 1894 to put in what is now the largest and main square in Piran town.

Tartini Square Piran Slovenia

Restaurants and shops now line the square. During our visit there was a huge stage set up, probably for a concert or cultural event of some sort.

Slovenia Coast

Though it was beyond hot in early August when we visited, we still enjoyed walking around this colorful and historic town.

Boats in Piran Slovenia

The narrow alleyways brought back fond memories of Cinque Terre in Italy. The crumbling houses with colorful shutters are quintessential of many of the Mediterranean sea towns! It certainly doesn’t matter if you get lost in these alleyways, as you’re only a few steps away from the sea on either side.

Alleyways in Piran Slovenia

We emerged at the end of the alley-maze for a closeup view of the lighthouse and St. Clement’s Church.

Lighthouse Piran Slovenia

Piran Beaches

Because the town of Piran in Slovenia is located on a peninsula, it is almost completely surrounded by the sea, and on this ridiculously hot August day, the water couldn’t have looked any more inviting!

Piran Beach

Though a little crowded at some junctures, there was plenty of the Adriatic enjoy!

Adriatic Sea in Piran Slovenia

Be aware, there are some beaches (away from the crowded point) that are clothing-optional. It is not uncommon for women to be topless, even on the crowded beaches. Though on the nude beaches, you may find some individuals letting it all hang out. This is Europe after all!

Mermaid in Piran Slovenia

Just a few hours in Piran Slovenia was barely enough to see the highlights. We’d definitely recommend a longer stay, if you can. Otherwise, even if you take a short day trip to the Slovenia coast from Ljubljana like us, it’s definitely worth the visit!

Sailboat in Piran Slovenia

The Adriatic is calling… will you answer?!

Piran Beach


  1. Hi Sam and Tocarra- Lovely write up on this beautiful town. We’re just starting to get our plans together for an October trip to Slovenia. We will definitely add Piran to our itinerary.

  2. I am DYING to go to Slovenia. I live in London so it’s relatively easy to get there, but I keep delaying it for the ‘perfect time’ – see, now your pics make me think that summer is when I should head there, and a couple weeks back I saw some photos that made me think spring. I’m guessing there’s no bad time and I should just get on it already!

    • You MUST Go! Especially since it’s an easy trip for you from London! I’m thinking late spring would be the best time to visit. Before the summer crowds, not too hot, flowers in full bloom, gushing waterfalls and gorges from the melted winter snow. I’d love to go back and visit in the springtime!

  3. Great blog. Did you drive to Piran or Bus?

  4. Thank you for sharing this informative blog for future visitors of Piran like me. Much appreciated! And the photos are fantastic.

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