15 Romantic Things to Do in Ljubljana

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It might be no coincidence that the Slovenian word ‘ljubljena‘, means ‘the beloved‘. Ljubljana is affectionately known as the City of Love. Maybe because when you visit you can’t help but fall in love with its charm and eloquence. Or maybe it’s because it’s the perfect town to explore with your significant other. We think it’s a little bit of both!  So grab your sweetheart and start planning your trip to Slovenia’s capital city as we share with you…

15 Romantic Things to do in Ljubljana

Discover the City Together

Walk Along the River

Things to Do in Ljubljana

The Ljubljanica River meanders its way through the fairytale-like village of Ljubljana crossing under several bridges that connect the two sides of the city. Among the most popular bridges are Triple Bridge, Dragon Bridge, and Butchers’ Bridge, better known as Ljubljana’s love bridge. Stroll hand-in-hand along the riverfront as you and your loved one take in some of the most beautiful views in the city.

Ljubljanica River Ljubljana

Admire the City’s Architecture

Ljubljana Slovenia

The city’s architecture is a mixture of styles, changing over the centuries as a result of multiple devastating earthquakes. Some of the oldest architecture has been preserved from the Roman period. Following an early 16th century earthquake, much of the city was rebuilt in Baroque style. After another earthquake in the late 19th century, the city was once again rebuilt, this time in the Vienna Secession style, which now blends nicely with the Baroque style buildings that still remain. Walk through Ljubljana with your loved one and admire the city’s colorful facades.

Triple Bridge Ljubljana

Visit St Nicholas’ Church (Ljubljana Cathedral)

Ljubljana Cathedral

What makes visiting this church romantic is simply its beauty. Though we didn’t say a word to each other while standing with our necks craned toward the ceiling, it was a beautiful moment we shared as we admired the impressive handiwork.

Ljubljana Cathedral Interior

Walk the Quiet Streets Early in the Morning

Ljubljana Slovenia

Wake up early and walk the quiet and relatively empty streets. There’s something calming and romantic about wandering through a city this beautiful with no one else but the love of your life!

Ljubljana Slovenia

Ride the Funicular up to the Castle

Ljubljana Castle

The city’s most prominent landmark, Ljubljana Castle, sits atop a forested hill in the middle of the city. Also included in the Ljubljana Card is a return trip on the castle’s funicular railway. The glass walls of the funicular car provide stunning views over the city for the quick 1-minute ride to the top.

Ljubljana View from Castle Funicular

Watch the Sunset from the Castle Outlook Tower

View from Ljubljana Castle Outlook Tower at Sunset

Following a romantic dinner at the castle, we enjoyed the sunset from the castle’s outlook tower (also included in the Ljubljana Card). Climb the spiral staircase to the top for outstanding panoramic views over the city and surrounding area, including the Julian Alps in the distance.

Ljubljana (63)

Dine Together

Enjoy a Lovely Dinner at the Castle

Gostilna na Gradu Ljubljana

Enjoy a royal dinner fit for a king and queen at Gostilna na Gradu, located inside the castle courtyard. We started with fresh bread served with 3 different spreads: cream cheese with herbs, butter, and a chicken pate. Next up was a meat plate containing smoked trout with apple and horseradish, roast beef with olive oil, klabasa with horseradish, and bread with cream cheese and tomato. Then we enjoyed a small serving of cream cheese ravioli with eggplant, served with caviar, truffles and a tomato cream sauce. For the main course, Sam enjoyed a lamb meatloaf, along with a piece of lamb, cabbage strudel, and roasted potatoes. I had sea bass with mashed green beans and mashed potatoes, served with a homemade creamy mayonnaise and mint (pictured below). We somehow found room for dessert and enjoyed a walnut strudel topped with cinnamon and served with baked apple ice cream.

Gostilna na Gradu Ljubljana

Pack a Picnic Lunch with Goods from the Local Market

Central Market Ljubljana

Ljubljana has several markets, including the popular Central Market which spans the entire breadth of the Ljubljanica River embankment from Triple Bridge to Dragon Bridge. Vendors come together to sell textile goods, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and much much more. Once you’ve purchased a fresh collection of fruits, veggies, and other delicacies, head to a park or sit along the river embankment and enjoy a picnic lunch!

Central Market Ljubljana

Visit the Open Kitchen Food Market

Open Kitchen Market Ljubljana

Another one of Ljubljana’s most notable markets is Open Kitchen which takes place on Fridays from mid-March to October. This market usually features around thirty different food vendors, including nearby restaurants, local farms, and independent chefs all proudly wanting to share their offerings with locals and tourists alike. It’s a great place to sip a glass of wine and sample the local delicacies with your sweetheart.

Open Kitchen Market Ljubljana

Enjoy a Meal Together at a Sidewalk Cafe/Restaurant

Dining in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a vibrant restaurant and cafe culture. Depending on your mood, your cravings, and your wallet, there is definitely no shortage of options. Sidewalk cafes and restaurants line many of the alleys and practically the entire riverfront. Despite the restaurants looking semi-empty in these photos, pretty much every seat is filled come dinner time!

Dining in Ljubljana

Have Fun Together!

Hunt for Dragons

Dragon Bridge Ljubljana

Ljubljana isn’t just the City of Love; it’s also the City of Dragons. Create your own little scavenger hunt and see who can spot the most dragons around town. You might see them in places you least expect…

Dragons in Ljubljana

Rent Bikes & Ride Around the City

Rent bikes in Ljubljana

There’s probably no better way to explore Ljubljana than by bike. 4-hours of free bike rental is included in the Ljubljana Card, so if you purchase one of these deal-saving cards, you’re good to go for an afternoon of fun and exploring! Ride around the city center or visit some of Ljubljana’s off the beaten path attractions.

Rent Bikes in Ljubljana

Listen to Live Music & Dance in the Streets

Live Music in Ljubljana

During our visit, we enjoyed multiple (FREE) live music concerts and even happened upon a Salsa party in the streets! The Ljubljana Tourism Board offers a wealth of information, along with a jam-packed calendar of events, both on their website and in the two tourism offices found in the city center. There is definitely no shortage of things to do, so grab your partner and feel the rhythm!

Salsa Dancing in Ljubljana

Go on a Sunset Boat Tour

Sunset Boat Tour Ljubljana

 There is a 1-hour boat tour included in the Ljubljana Card. We recommend this simple ride during the day to get a feel for the city. For a more romantic journey accompanied with music and wine, book a separate evening and head out in the around sunset. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day of exploring the city. And by the time the tour is over, you will see the city in a whole new light… literally!

Ljubljana at sunset

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay at Adora Hotel

Adora Hotel Ljubljana

Following each exciting day in the City of Love we’d go back to the conveniently located Adora Hotel and fall asleep in each others arms. We stayed in their recently renovated apartments which provide home-like modern amenities (kitchen, dining room table, etc.) along with the personal touch of a boutique hotel.

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Adora Hotel Ljubljana

As you can see, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Ljubljana with your significant other. We’ll take it one step further and recommend that you explore even more of the absolutely stunning country of Slovenia. We can guarantee you will fall in LOVE with its beauty!

Discover Slovenia, a nature lover’s paradise in our video of this beautiful country:


We’d like to thanks the Ljubljana Tourism Board for providing us with a pair of Ljubljana City Cards and dinner at Gostilna na Gradu. We’d also like to thank Adora Hotel for a discounted rate on their stunning new apartments. This was all in exchange for us sharing our experiences with you. Whether sponsored or not, we wholeheartedly recommend this city to you. All opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links, which simply means if you click on one of our links, we may receive a small fee, at no additional cost to you.


  1. Well, I’m thinking of going there this spring – but as a solo traveler. From this article it sounds like there’s not much there for me if I don’t have somebody’s eyes to gaze longingly into? 🙁

  2. Anne Slater-Brooks

    Wow the sunsets are amazing! Who would have thoughts in a European city!! Love the boutique hotel too. I have yet to visit Ljubjana, but I love the combination of architectural styles in the buildings. Beautiful!

    • Awesome sunsets can happen anywhere. It was just really neat being on top of a castle in a gorgeous city with such incredible views that made this one extra special! And then for the next night to have another awesome sunset on the boat tour… what a treat! 🙂

  3. You’ve convinced me to add Ljubljana to my travel list! I love the architecture, and the food looks terrific. And those views! What a charming place. I’d be surprised if more people didn’t rave about it after reading this!

  4. Ljubljana is one of the most picturesque cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. You’ve highlighted a lot of great activities. We were only there for a short time, so I’d really like to return and specially to take the funicular up to the castle and to take the sunset boat cruise!

    • Thanks! Yea, it’s easy to miss things when you’re in a city for a short amount of time. That being said, there’s certainly no harm in going back for another visit! I can definitely see us getting back to Ljubljana one of these days. There’s still a lot of Slovenia we have yet to discover!

  5. What a beautiful, magical place! I’ll be sure to stop here on my trip from France to Bulgaria this September. Thank you for the intro-tour and the gorgeous photos!

    • Wow! That sounds like quite the trip. Fortunately, Slovenia is right in the middle of your journey, so definitely stop by. It’s now one of our favorite countries, so of course, we highly recommend it. 🙂

  6. Global Brunch

    Ljubljana looks like a lovely and romantic place to visit! I love the look of the markets and the gorgeous sunset cruise. What time of year did you visit? Judging by your pictures the weather must have been quite warm.

  7. HOLY COW. Ljubljana hadn’t been on my radar… until now. Your photos are like an elaborate cake that I want to lick from the screen! Such delightful pastel colors and whimsical curves! It sounds like the Ljubljana Card and local markets are a great way to make exploring the city affordable, too.

    • Whoa… you know you’re a good photographer when you make your readers want to lick their computer screen! 😉 Glad we could introduce you to this wonderful and beautiful city.

  8. The architecture and Open Kitchen market look fantastic! Your sunset cruise looked like a great experience. Your photos have me wanting to learn more about Ljubljana. And a castle in the mix, looks like a great (and romantic) destination!

  9. I’d forgotten how lovely Ljubljana is. I’d love to revisit it with my husband and we’ll take your advice, although I’d probably be more into hunting dragons than he would be. Haha.

    • Ha ha! Yea, figured we had to through in the part about hunting dragons, because where else in the world can you do so! Ljubljana is beautifully unique and a city that definitely warrants further exploration!

  10. I’ve never been in Ljubljana, but it seems a very beautiful city, and I think is pretty much similar to Brasov from Romania. I love the architecture of the buildings, and the products in the local market look very tasty.

  11. I’ll be there in June, but won’t be able to spend nearly enough time seeing all its wonders.

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