Mini Getaway to Lake Havasu, Arizona

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Ok, we’ve got to be honest up front… We never had any intentions of visiting Lake Havasu, Arizona. We didn’t know much about it other than it was a crazy Spring Break destination for Arizona and California college students. So, why did we end up there for our own Spring Break?! We literally saw a deal we couldn’t refuse. When a last minute Bonus Week became available through my time share exchange company, costing us less for a week in a resort than most people pay for one night in a hotel, we simply couldn’t turn it down.


We booked on a Wednesday and two days later we packed up the car and headed to First Cabin Club Resort in Lake Havasu City.
The drive took less than 5 hours and we barely used half a tank of gas!


First Cabin Club makes up thirty suites nestled at the end of The Nautical Inn, Arizona’s only beachfront resort.


At first glance, one may say that the resort is in desperate need of an upgrade. It definitely had an 80’s Miami Vice vibe to it. But, to be honest, although a little out of date, we found everything to be pristine and comfortable.


A Jacuzzi tub in your bedroom?! I’m personally grossed out by whirlpool tubs in hotels, but imagine the pool party you could have right in your room!


The kitchen area provided all of the amenities one would need. In an effort to save money, we brought our own food with us and prepared almost every meal in the resort.


The best part of this resort? Every unit has a private balcony or patio directly on the lake! We would open the blinds everyday and watch the boats…






and the hydro-flyers go by!!


The Nautical is also the only lake-front resort where people with their own boats can launch directly from the property and literally tie up in front of their unit


Turtle Bar and Grill is an inside restaurant and an outside bar and grill where resort guests and locals can enjoy great food and drinks right along the water’s edge.


The pool at the resort was gorgeous! A little crowded at times, especially on the weekends, as outsiders can hang out by the pool and order from the Wet Bar.


The infinity edge overlooking the lake is a nice touch!


The resort also has its own golf course. Not really our thing, but good to know it’s there!


The resort quiets down at night (at least it did when we were there). I’m sure Spring Break is another story! (Although we were here during my Spring Break, it was way later than most local colleges, so we didn’t have to deal with many crazy crowds or rowdy college kids).


The full moon rise over the lake was just beautiful!



Did you know that the London Bridge isn’t actually IN London? In 1962 it was discovered that the London Bridge (that was in London at that time) was “falling down”, sinking into the Thames (river) because of the increase in traffic. The 130 year old bridge was put up for auction and was purchased for close to $2.5 million (in ’62) by Robert McCulloch. It cost another $7 million to move the bridge from London to Arizona, where it has been since 1968, when the Lord Mayor of London laid the first corner stone.


The only meal we had out in Lake Havasu City was at Martini Bay in the London Bridge Resort, and even then we had a coupon!


It was a nice evening, so we sat on the patio out back. It was near the resort’s pool, so it was a little loud when we first got there, but as the sun set, it calmed down.


We started out with the spinach and artichoke appetizer. Sam ordered the bacon burger, which he said was delicious!


I ordered the cajun chicken fettuccine and certainly was NOT disappointed!


The only other time we ‘ate out’ was at Scoops, and again, I had a coupon!


Scoops makes all of their ice cream by hand and has a variety of flavors to choose from.


Sam and I both ordered the brownie sundae made with freshly baked brownies. Oh… my… goodness! Soooo yummy!


As we left Lake Havasu, we drove past the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and had to stop to take some photos!


We hopped on the CA-62 for a thrilling and bouncy ride back to California!


Overall we had a wonderful week. If you can grab a beachfront room anywhere for less than a hundred bucks for the week, GO FOR IT!

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