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One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Unsolved Mysteries, so when researching things to experience in London, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about one of Britain’s most infamous, yet unknown, serial killers. Though there are many Jack the Ripper tour companies out there, we joined up with THE Jack the Ripper Tour, for one of London’s best activities.

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I hadn’t really read up much on the story of Jack the Ripper prior to this tour. Learning about the horrific stories as we stood at the crime scenes was the best way to really let the gruesome facts sink in.

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All of the guides employed by this particular tour company are members of the Cloak and Dagger Club, a theatrical performance team, meaning they do an excellent job bringing old crime history to life. Our guide, Mick, was absolutely brilliant! He knew pretty much everything there was to know about Jack the Ripper… except for his true identity, of course.

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As Mick shared the details of the murders as they took place, where they took place, no one so much as stirred! Everyone hung on his every word. He is an excellent story teller and kept us all intrigued and entranced with the gruesome details of the heinous crimes.

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This particular Jack the Ripper Tour is the ONLY tour company to offer Ripper-Vision™. Tour guides bring along a hand-held projector containing important visuals and graphic crime scene pictures to help bring the stories to life!

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Here is what I learned on the tour: Most of Jack the Ripper’s victims were prostitutes living and working in the seediest parts of London. The murders were very gruesome in nature. Throats were slashed on pretty much all of the women, and the removal of internal organs on some of the victims led many to conclude that the murderer had some surgical and/or anatomical knowledge or experience. Local butchers and doctors were among those listed as possible suspects. Over 100 suspects were identified, but no one was ever convicted. Since anyone that was alive at the time of these murders in the late 1800s is now deceased, the identity of Britain’s most notorious serial killer may never be known!

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I do not recommend this tour for young children, as the pictures are gory and the details are very gruesome in nature.

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However. if you are intrigued with unsolved crimes, like I am, I recommend you take part in this Jack the Ripper tour on your next visit to London. The tour departs 7 days a week from Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station.

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Tours starts at 7:30 pm and last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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Our tour ended near the 10 Bells, a pub perhaps visited by some of Jack the Ripper’s victims before their violent demise.

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We drank our pints, then cautiously strolled back through the streets where Jack the Ripper once walked.

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We’d like to thank the Jack the Ripper Tour Company for their partnership, as they provided us with a pair of complementary passes, so we could share our experiences with you.

As always, our write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences we had.

To book your Jack the Ripper Tour and to learn more about the terrifying Autumn of 1888, please visit their website.

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