Adventures in Winter Park Colorado

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Winter Park Colorado

Welcome To Ski Town: Winter Park Colorado

When driving from the Denver airport to our resort in Granby, we passed through a town called Winter Park. It looked so charming, we made a note to come back another day for a visit, as it was only about 25 minutes away from where we were staying.

Winter Park Colorado

Little did we know we’d end up spending half of our vacation here… and that’s not a bad thing!

Cooper Creek Square

Cooper Creek Square is home to many souvenir shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

Cooper Creek Square

It’s a wonder why no one was sitting outside!

Snow on a cafe table Colorado

No trip to Winter Park Colorado is complete without a visit to the famed Winter Park Resort.

Winter Park Resort Colorado

We parked in the free parking lot and took the (free) cabriolets to the Village.

The Village cabriolet Winter Park ColoradoThe Village cabriolet Winter Park Colorado

It was about a 2-minute ride ‘over the river and through the woods’!

Snowy BridgeForget Someday Travel Blog Couple

Upon exiting the cabriolet, we walked a few hundred feet to the The Back Bowl Soup Company.

Back Bowl Soup Company

Then, we were off to explore the rest of the Village.

The Village Winter Park Colorado

The Village at the resort has quaint lodging, great restaurants and neat shops, along with access to a multitude of winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and tubing.

The Village Ski Resort

The line for the lift was rather long… and it wasn’t even the busy season yet… and it was a weekday!

Ski queue
Ski equipment on racks

This place probably gets crazy on the weekends in prime season!

Alpine Skiier Alpine Skiier

None of us are skiers, so we just stood at the bottom of the mountain and enjoyed watching people come down the slopes!

Toccara Forget SomedayThe Village Hotel Winter Park

Even though we simply walked around the Village, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there!

Christmas Tree Colorado Wreath with snow

We had many more fun adventures during our week in Colorado.
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