Exploring Skagway Alaska

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Skagway Alaska was the port of call following our memorable day in the town of Juneau.

Skagway Alaska

We were somehow blessed with another beautiful day with incredible weather, although all the crew on-board the Island Princess assured us it would rain, because it supposedly “always rains in Skagway”!

Alaskan Cruise Princess Cruises

A Quick Look at our Day in Skagway


Without a drop of rain or even so much as a threatening cloud, we were among the first to disembark from the ship and make our way into what would be my favorite Alaskan city!

Cruise Ship Wall Skagway

Along the dockside, cruisers will see what is known as the Cruise Ship “Signature Wall”. Since the late 20’s crews have been commemorating their ship’s first visit to Skagway with a colorfully painted “stamp”.

Skagway Alaska Port of Call

Although there is a shuttle that takes passengers into town, the walk is only about 1/4 mile and takes less than 15 minutes.

Skagway Fish Company

This leisurely stroll takes you along the harbor and past colorful local seafood restaurants.

The Historic Mining Town Of Skagway Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

Downtown is a well-preserved representation of what this historic mining town looked like centuries ago.

Downtown Skagway Alaska

It is a town with less than 1,000 yearly residents and primarily thrives on the tourism industry. The shops that line the main street are souvenir shops, eateries, and art galleries.

Downtown Skagway Alaska

Since we were among the first off the ship and into downtown, we had the fortunate opportunity to photograph the quaint storefronts without throngs of tourists.

Downtown Skagway Alaska

Downtown Skagway Alaska

One of the most iconic (and most photographed) buildings in all of Alaska is the Arctic Brotherhood Hall, built in 1899. The facade consists of close to 9,000 pieces of driftwood collected from local tidal flats.

Arctic Brotherhood Hall Skagway Alaska

Another downtown landmark is the Red Onion Saloon. During the Gold Rush, it was Skagway’s most exclusive brothel. Now it serves as a restaurant/bar and museum with daily tours. The waitresses are still dressed as the “ladies of the night” once did back in the 1800’s.

Red Onion Saloon Skagway Alaska Red Onion Saloon Red Onion Saloon

Things to See Near Skagway

Just outside of town you will find some other gems worth visiting! You can either take a local tour, do your own walking tour, or rent a car like we did.

Gold Rush Cemetery

Our first stop was the Gold Rush Cemetery. It was fascinating and somewhat heartbreaking to read the stories of those who lost everything (including their lives) in their efforts of striking it rich.

Gold Rush Cemetery

Cemetery Near Skagway

Following a short trail leading from the graveyard, you will find Reid Falls.

Reid Falls Skagway

We followed the sound of rushing water to the base of Lower Reid Falls.

Lower Reid Falls Skagway

Across the Skagway River from the graveyard is the Klondike Gold Fields. Here visitors can pan for gold, meet a sled dog, and sit in a chamber to experience 40-below temperatures to truly experience what it was like back in the days of the gold rush.

Klondike Gold Fields Skagway

The railroad tracks also run right along the river taking passengers on the world-famous White Pass & Yukon Railroad.

White Pass Yukon Railway

Where to Find a Great View of Skagway

Also just outside of town, on Dyea Road, is an overlook that provides visitors the opportunity to look out over downtown and the Skagway Harbor where the cruise ships are docked.

Views of Skagway

Dyea Road Skagway

Travel farther down Dyea Road for stunning views of classic, beautiful Alaska!

Dyea Road Views Skagway

Dyea Road Skagway

Dyea Road Skagway

Dyea Road Skagway Alaska

Skagway is a town visited by most Alaskan cruises. So if you’re embarking on a cruise in the near future, you too will probably have the opportunity to explore this charming town!


  1. I absolutely love your article! I actually have lived in Skagway my whole life! I am a student in 8th grade here and my online class is in journalism. This week we were supposed to check out a blog about our local area. This definitely helps me see how a tourist would!

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