Ketchikan Alaska – A Day In Port

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Ketchikan is typically the first port of call for most northbound Alaskan cruises.

Ketchikan Alaska

The only other way to get into town is to fly in via commercial airline or float plane.

Float plane landing

We only had a few hours in port, so we had to be sure to make the most of it!

Creek Street

Ketchikan Alaska

Our first stop was Creek Street, a collection of shops and restaurants located on a historic boardwalk along the banks of the fast-moving Ketchikan Creek.

Creek Street Ketchikan

Creek Street Ketchikan

Creek Street Ketchikan

Fish, Fish, and More Fish

On the opposite end of the creek is where you will find some active salmon (from late-June to mid-September).

Married Man's Way

Walk down the boardwalk in Ketchikan Alaska known as Married Man’s Way until you come to what’s known as the Salmon Ladder.

Salmon Ketchikan

Here the salmon congregate in calmer pockets of the creek to gather their strength after a failed attempt to get upstream.

Salmon jump Ketchikan Alaska

Then, when they’re ready, they’ll muster up all of their energy to jump up the rushing creek and continue upstream for spawning.

Bald eagle Ketchikan

Don’t just look down in the creeks for wildlife… we saw this beauty high up in the trees behind Creek Street.

free shuttle bus Ketchikan

This town really caters to its visitors. There is a free shuttle bus that operates May through September, making 20-minute loops from the cruise ship docks to Totem Heritage Center and back.

Totem pole Ketchikan Alaska

Totem Poles in Ketchikan Alaska

We visited the Totem Heritage Center since we weren’t going to have time to visit the Totem Bight State Historical Park (a 1-hour round-trip bus ride from downtown).

Totem Heritage Center

Here we learned all about the history, tradition, and process behind totem pole carving.

Totem Heritage Center

Behind the center, you will again see Ketchikan Creek. If you’re feeling up for a stroll, you can follow the creek from heritage center to get back downtown.

Ketchikan Creek

Ketchikan Creek

Heading Downtown

Downtown Ketchikan Alaska is a great place to pick up souvenirs and sample locally-caught salmon!

The Rock statue Ketchikan

Along the waterfront is a statue called The Rock. This monument honors the lives of those citizens who formed the population of the city in the early years.
(Chief Johnson, The Logger, The Fisherman, The Miner, The Aviator, A Native Elder Woman, and an Elegant Lady.) 

Sourdough Bar

On our way back to the ship, we stopped by the Sourdough Bar for a pint of Alaskan brew! (Sam’s Beer Tip: “Alaskan Amber is far and away the best of the brewer’s offerings that I tried. Tastes will vary, but you can’t go wrong with this one if you’re unsure where to start. Not too bitter but just hoppy enough to satisfy without drying the palette.”)

Sourdough Bar

These stunning stained glass displays line the boardwalk leading back to the ship.

Stained glass street decoration Stained glass street decoration

Island Princess cruise ship

Leaving Ketchikan Alaska was one of my favorite sail-aways on our cruise!

Lighthouse Alaska mountains ocean

Fortunately, the weather was perfect. We had stunning views of the mainland as we sailed away.

Glacier Mountains Alaska Whale tail fluke in the ocean

We even saw a whale waving its tail at us as we headed toward our next destination. It was a nice farewell to our time in Ketchikan Alaska. (We saw TONS when we went whale watching in Juneau!)

Check out a quick video of our day in port below!


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