Ruby Beach: Sea Stacks and Stacked Rocks

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The coastline of the Pacific Northwest is something we’ve both longed to see. Spending most of our lives on the east coast of the US, we grew up visiting beaches with lukewarm water, small waves, and minimal changes to the tide. Basically, the complete opposite of the rugged coastline in the Pacific Northwest! During a summer trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, we visited 3 different beaches, including one famous for its colorful sunsets…

Welcome to Ruby Beach

Forest path

Following a brief walk down the bluff on a short trail from the parking area, we caught our first glimpse of the well-known beach.

Ruby Beach driftwood and sea stack

Massive sea stacks, a plethora of driftwood, and a cool and salty breeze greeted us.

Ruby Beach Olympic Peninsula Washington

We walked farther down the trail until we reached the magnificent beach. Sam’s parents joined us on this trip, so they too enjoyed the distinct differences between these beaches and the ones they’re used to back in Florida.

Big rock in the choppy ocean

It’s hard to comprehend the enormity of the sea stacks until you’re standing right next to them. (Compare to the children running in the picture below.)

Ruby Beach Olympic Peninsula Washington sea stackMother and son on the beach with a sea stack in background

Ruby Beach also boasts a neat collection of wildlife including bald eagles, sea otters, and tidepools teeming with starfish and mussels.

Bald eagle perched on ocean rock

Depending on the time of day you visit, you can experience some of the most spectacular tidepools in the Pacific Northwest. If this is your goal, be sure to check the tide charts, so you don’t get stranded… or soaked!

Ruby Beach Olympic Peninsula Washington

Purple and orange starfish cling to the rough rocks, presenting a colorful collection of sea life near the base of the massive sea stacks.

Mussels and purple starfish Purple starfish cling to rocks Orange and purple starfish on a rock

The crashing waves create an ever-present haze that constantly hugs the jagged coastline.

Ruby Beach Olympic Peninsula Washington

In addition to the incredible sea stacks and amazing wildlife, the abundance of smaller stacked rocks makes Ruby Beach one of the best in the Pacific Northwest!

Stacked Rocks Stacked Rocks

Everywhere we looked, we saw endless stacks of balanced rocks!

Stacked Rocks on driftwoodStacked Rocks Ruby Beach Olympic Peninsula Washington

Sam’s mom even got in on the action!

Woman stacking rocks on the beach

We recommend you spend more than just a few days on the Olympic Peninsula, as there is so much to see and explore! During our time there, we also went to Second Beach and Rialto Beach, which were well worth the visit!

Stacked rocks on beach driftwood

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