Montefioralle: A Medieval Tuscan Village

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During a day in port on a Mediterranean cruise, we visited the iconic towns of Pisa…

Leaning tower of Pisa

… and Florence.

Florence Italy


Surrounded by lush vineyards and less than an hour’s drive from central Florence, the town of Montefioralle is located in the heart of the Chianti region.


After enjoying a wonderful lunch under the Tuscan sun at a nearby restaurant, we stopped by the quaint village of Montefioralle to wander the cobblestone streets.


Montefioralle is practically free of cars making it a peaceful village to explore in the middle of the Tuscany region.


We did not see a single one of the 70 or so residents during our short visit to the village.


There is only one restaurant located within the walls of Monetfioralle, but since we had just eaten a rather large Italian lunch, we didn’t stick around long enough to enjoy another meal!


Instead we just wandered the cobblestone streets admiring the medieval characteristics and floral accents.


Montefioralle stone wall Vines climbing a building

Potted flowers

Although we only spent just under an hour in this charming village, I was ready to move in and call it home! I could definitely spend a few summer months in a town like this!

Beautiful woman on stone steps Montefioralle

Vineyards stretched in every direction, the sun was shining, and olive trees were in full bloom! The laid-back atmosphere reflected a typical summer Tuscan day!

Tuscan vineyard

We didn’t want to leave, but there was certainly more of beautiful Tuscany for us to explore!

Couple in Tuscany

Located just a 5-minute drive from Montefioralle lies Greve, a town with a select choice of markets, restaurants, and wine tasting facilities.

Greve Italy

We visited Le Cantine in Greve where we loaded money onto a card and with the push of a button could choose from over 140 wines to sample.

La Cantine Greve

They had a variety of Enomatic wine dispensing machines set up around a cellar-like room.

Enomatic wine machine

It was a wonderful way to end the most lovely Tuscan day!

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