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Where to Stay in Hallstatt Austria

Because we wanted more than just a few hours to explore the quaint alpine village of Hallstatt, Austria, we booked an overnight stay at Hotel Grüner Baum.

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Nestled between peaceful Hallstätter See (Lake Hallstatt) and the village center, Hotel Gruner Baum is the perfect accommodation for exploring Hallstatt and its beautiful surroundings!

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The hotel has a variety of room types to meet your needs, offering 26 double rooms (some with balconies with a view of either the lake or the village square), 3 suites with large lake-facing terraces, and 1 single room.

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Hotel Gruner Baum Review

The interior of the hotel is decorated with elegant accents…

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… and the rooms themselves are nothing short of exquisite!

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We booked a double room with a view of the church.

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Looking out our window, in one direction we saw the church and part of the village…

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… and in the other direction, we had a marvelous view of the fjord-like scenery surrounding the lake.

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This view also made for one of the most romantic dinners we have ever had! We reserved a table on the Lake Terrace (SeeTerrassee) where we sipped Austrian wine and local beer, and enjoyed a meal blending together local and Mediterranean specialties.

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The following morning, we devoured a lavish breakfast in the Salzbaron restaurant, located in the hotel.

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Although the room cost more than we typically spend on a night of accommodation, we felt that it was worth the splurge! The location, the views, the luxury… it was a wonderful complement to our memorable time in Hallstatt.

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BOOK YOUR ROOM at Hotel Grüner Baum for your visit to Hallstatt and enjoy this charming lakeside village in comfort and style!

We have no affiliation with Hotel Grüner Baum. We simply enjoyed our stay and wanted to share our experience with you! This post, however, does contain a few affiliate links, which simply means if you click on one of our links to make a booking, we may receive a small commission.


  1. Kann ich eine Broschüre von ihren hotel haben mit Preisliste

  2. Hi Toccara & Sam,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and find it to be very informative.
    My husband & I is planning a trip to Austria and we would like to visit Hallstatt with an overnight stay.
    May I check with you is it easy for us to travel to Hallstatt via train and ferry with our big luggage?


    • Hi Jocelyn,
      Unfortunately we haven’t utilized the train/ferry to get to Hallstatt. We visited once with a hired car and another time via shuttle van, so I cannot comment on ease of traveling with large luggage via train/ferry. Before you leave on your trip, I would advise going through your belongings and deciding to leave some items behind. A lot of people tend to overpack and bring waaaaaay more than they need. We’ve been traveling for over a year and a half now and both travel with only a large backpack. I definitely do not miss the earlier days of our travels when we toted around large suitcases. You quickly realize how much stuff you really don’t need! At any rate, enjoy your time in Hallstatt; it’s a beautifully charming little town! 🙂

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