Hallstatt, Austria- From the Rooftops

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We shared a post earlier about the charming car-free, lakeside town of Hallstatt, Austria. (Click here to access our original post)

Hallstatt Rooftops

However, we wanted to share a few more photos that allow you to see and appreciate Hallstatt from a different perspective… from above the rooftops!

“Let us climb on the cliffs above the rooftops of Hallstatt. I say above the roofs, because the houses are built so close to the cliffs, that when you climb from the narrow bank of the lake below, you climb onto what would be the first floor of the houses, behind which is a level path that looks down over the lake. In some places there is no other path in Hallstatt as this one, like a sort of bridge spanned over the roofs of the houses. You must come with me, then, over the rooftops.” ~Travel Writer, Josef August Schiltes, 1791

After a quick climb of stairs, you will find yourself on a walking path above the rooftops looking down on the pristine lake and buildings below.

This was one of our favorite views. Many will argue that seeing Hallstatt from the lake is the best view, but we beg to differ. From this perspective you can see the charming village AND the serene lake!

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Nighttime showcases another perspective of a city we love to capture.

After the sun has set and the crowds have dwindled, it’s fun to photograph the elegance of a city at night.

A Visual Visit to Hallstatt, Austria



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