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Normally, graffiti is one of our biggest pet peeves. It’s usually distastefully done in slummy areas by people who have no regard for public or personal property. However, in Ghent the graffiti was different.

Ghent (206)

Here talented artists decorate the city, without defacing historical buildings, and the city keeps its elegant and historical charm that continues to attract millions of visitors every year!

Ghent (215)

In fact, the tourism board has turned the street art into a walking tour.


They provide a very detailed map of where to go to see these concrete canvases and even provide information about the artists.


Since we only had one day in Ghent, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to see it all, we picked an area that had a high concentration of street art and admired the work there.

Ghent (207)

Ghent (208)

Ghent (211)

Ghent (214)

Ghent (212)

The talented artists featured in the images above include: Roa, Resto, Bue the Warrior, Jamz, Cum Collective, Chase, Jasta, Pest, Pointdextr, Fixit, De Papzakken, and Strook.

THE place to go in Ghent to see graffiti is Werregarenstraat, also known as “graffiti alley”.

Ghent (25)

At first glance, this is not an alley I would normally dare to walk through, but it’s truly harmless and safe, and a great spot for taking pictures!

Ghent (23)

(Here’s Sam doing his best imitation of Thug Life!)

Here anyone with a can of paint can unleash their inner graffiti artist and leave their marking on the wall… until the next wanna-be artist comes along and paints over it!

Ghent (26)

Some talent is required, or at least encouraged, but that hasn’t stopped a few aspiring artists from giving it a try!

For another great walking tour, check out our post on Ghent Illuminated, a nighttime self-guided walking tour of the city.

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