Exquisite Cuisine on the High Seas

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This past summer, we set sail on the Island Princess for an 8-day cruise through the Inside Passage of Alaska, and well… let’s just say, the extra weight we brought back with us wasn’t just the souvenirs we picked up along the way!

Ketchikan (98)

They say the average person gains 5-10 pounds on an 8-day cruise! Why is it so easy to gain and yet so hard to lose?!

IP_Food (7)I’ll tell you why… the food is so gooooood… and there’s a lot of it!

IP_Food (5)

Start with the buffet-style dining room, Horizon Court. Morning, noon and night, a variety of food is available to hungry (or grazing) cruisers. They switch it up throughout the week so passengers never tired of having the same food!

IP_Food (8)

The Island Princess has two specialty dining rooms. The first is the Bayou Cafe which serves traditional Cajun and creole inspired food while entertaining diners with live jazz.

IP_Food (3)

The other specialty dining experience onboard is Sabatini’s, offering authentic Italian specialties such as pasta and seafood entrees in a charming Tuscan setting.

IP_Food (4)

IP_Food (28)

Passengers must make a reservation for the specialty dining rooms and a surcharge is applicable. So, if you’re looking for an exclusive and romantic setting to celebrate a special occasion or maybe you’re just looking to enjoy an exquisite meal outside of one of the two main dining rooms, Bayou Cafe and/or Sabatini’s are both wonderful options!

IP_Food (26) IP_Food (27) IP_Food (29)

Our meals at Sabatini’s were nothing short of divine!

IP_Food (30)

I ordered the lobster (above), while Sam ordered the fish special, baked in corn flour, stuffed with herbs and spices (below). The baked fish was brought out whole, then prepared to eat at our tableside.

IP_Food (31)

Princess Cruise Line invited us to also dine in Sabatini’s each morning for breakfast, which is reserved for those passengers staying in a suite cabin. Although I could’ve ordered anything on the menu, I pretty much got the same thing every morning, as it was so scrumptious!

IP_Food (46)

In the main dining room each night, we had an overwhelming amount of delectable choices available to us.

IP_Food (14)

Each appetizer, entrée, and dessert was prepared scrupulously and presented beautifully. Now, sit back and scroll through images of the indulgent meals we enjoyed while onboard the Island Princess.

IP_Food (2)

IP_Food (40)

IP_Food (20)

IP_Food (19)

IP_Food (16)

IP_Food (15) IP_Food (22) IP_Food (36) IP_Food (43)

IP_Food (21)

IP_Food (44) IP_Food (38)

Got room for dessert?

IP_Food (41) IP_Food (34) IP_Food (45) IP_Food (24) IP_Food (23) IP_Food (9)

And what Alaskan cruise would be complete without a serving of Baked Alaska?

IP_Food (12)

I cannot say enough good things about the food onboard the Island Princess. The staff did an excellent job accommodating Sam’s gluten intolerance. We were provided with the following night’s menu each night as we dined, so the kitchen would be sure to prepare a modified meal, if necessary.

Everyone on the wait staff was friendly, personable, and accommodating! I would give our dining experiences onboard the ship 5-stars!

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