Cruising College Fjord (Prince William Sound)

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On the final day of our Alaskan cruise, we drifted through the calm waters of College Fjord.

College Fjord

Video of Cruising College Fjord


College Fjord Alaska

Believe it or not, this was the first day all week that the weather was a little overcast with a few drizzling showers, but it certainly didn’t take away from the dramatic scenery we experienced during the 3 hours we cruised through this glorious fjord.

College Fjord Alaska

Where is College Fjord?

College Fjord is located in the northern sector of Prince William Sound on the south coast of Alaska.

CollegeFjord (144)

Like the day before in Glacier Bay, we simply stood on deck with our cameras and binoculars, ready to take in the beauty of Alaska.

College Fjord

What To See in College Fjord

College Fjord boasts the world’s largest collection of tidewater glaciers, five in total, which are glaciers that terminate in salt water where they break off into icebergs.

Glaciers in College Fjord

In addition, there are also five large valley glaciers and dozens of smaller glaciers.

Glacier in College Fjord

How To Get to College Fjord

The fjord is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains and is only accessible by plane or boat!

Prince William Sound

The fjord gets its name from the fact that professors from Harvard and Amherst were on the 1899 Harriman Expedition when the fjord was discovered.

Cruising College Fjord

Glaciers in College Fjord

As a result, the glaciers were named after several prestigious colleges, most of which are located on the east coast of the United States.

Prince William Sound

The glaciers of College Fjord include: Vassar, Bryn Mawr, Smith, Harvard, and Yale.

Glaciers in Alaska

Unlike the day before, we did not see any ice calving…

College Fjord Glacier

…but we saw impressive glacier fronts…

Glaciers in Alaska

…and plenty of broken-off ice floating in the waters below.

Prince William Sound

Iceberg in College Fjord Alaska

Wildlife in College Fjord

We also saw an ample amount of wildlife during our time in Prince William Sound, including bald eagles, otters…

CollegeFjord (104)


CollegeFjord (106)

sea lions…

CollegeFjord (145)

… and even a pair of humpback whales off in the distance!

CollegeFjord (150)

Although we cruised through Prince William Sound for just a few hours, we took enough pictures to make it seem as if we were there for an entire week!

Prince William Sound Alaskan Cruise

What To See on an Alaskan Cruise

CollegeFjord (59)

College Fjord in Prince William Sound is definitely a place you want to make sure is on your Alaskan Cruise itinerary!


  1. This is SO beautiful! And your pictures almost make me feel I’m there 🙂
    Happy travelling!

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