Exploring the Enchanting Cesky Krumlov Castle

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What would a fairytale village be without a castle? Just another town, and Cesky Krumlov is anything but. With their larger than life castle dominating the small village’s skyline, it comes in as the second largest in the entire Czech Republic, behind the complex in the capital city of Prague.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Exploring the Cesky Krumlov Castle

Construction of the castle began in the early 13th century. Over the years it was passed between the powerful Rosenberg, Eggenberg, and Schwarzenberg families, before its final transfer to the Czechoslovak State in 1950, where it later became a monument in 1989.

Cesky Krumlov Castle entrance

Access the castle through its red gate, located on Latrán Street and enter into the first courtyard Rejdiště, or ‘romping ground’. Here is where Sam got to experience the trade of blacksmithing!

Blacksmith with hammer and forge

 Bears have lived in the moat of the castle since 1707. The last Rosenberg rulers kept bears to demonstrate their relationship with the house of Orsini (a noble Italian family). Orsa means she-bear in Italian.

Furry bear

There are five courtyards within the Cesky Krumlov castle complex. The present-day second courtyard includes what was once known as ‘Lower Castle’ (which consisted of ‘Little Castle’ and the tower, a mint, and dairy house).

Cesky Krumlov Castle courtyard

The castle’s most notable feature, its tower, was built in Gothic style in the second half of the 13th century and remodeled in Renaissance style in the late 1500s.

Cesky Krumlov Castle tower

Visitors can climb the winding stairs leading to the observation platform for incredible views over this fairytale village (included in the Cesky Krumlov card).

Wooden stairs

With good weather on your side, you’ll be able to see the entire village and its colorful rooftops, the steeple of St. Vitus church, the river meandering through town, and the rolling hills beyond. (Did you know that you can actually raft down this winding river?! We really enjoyed seeing the town from a different perspective.)

View of Cesky Krumlov from castle tower View of Cesky Krumlov from castle tower

Once you are satisfied with the images your camera has captured, head back downstairs to the Castle Museum to learn about the various noble houses who resided in and transformed the castle over the centuries.

Cesky Krumlov Castle museum

With various rooms to explore, you will quickly become deeply immersed in the fascinating history held within the castle walls. There are multilingual descriptions of the artwork and artifacts found in each room.

Museum room guide

Select the paper with your language and get transported back to another era when family crests were all the rage, lavish was the norm, and new innovations were taking place on the daily.

Museum medieval artifactsCesky Krumlov Castle museum paintingCesky Krumlov Castle museumCesky Krumlov Castle chandelier

Once you’ve completed your informative journey through history, continue on through the remaining courtyards…

Cesky Krumlov Castle frescoes

… take an informative castle tour…

Cesky Krumlov Castle courtyard

… or venture into the elaborate gardens.

Castle gardens

Interested in more captivating castle images, including a detailed look at the gardens? Click HERE. We’ll also show you a somewhat hidden spot where you can enjoy a deliciously cold beer and enjoy even more incredible village views!

We’d like to thank the Cesky Krumlov Tourism Board for providing us with an extremely informative city tour and a Cesky Krumlov card during our stay.


  1. Just jaw-droppingly WOW! It has been our dream to visit and explore castles after watching movies with Medieval/Renaissance settings. We hope we would have the opportunity to visit these mighty and beautiful castles.

  2. Peter Pristup

    Wonderful place! Never seen a town from 16th century that would be so well preserved and amazing! I absolutely recommend to do a private tour there, otherwise you are going to miss out on lot of things. My choice was http://www.lucytours.com, had a perfect time with them!

    • Glad you had a nice visit in Cesky Krumlov. We did a tour through the tourist office/information center, and you’re right… you’d miss out on a lot of history and information if you explored without a knowledgeable guide!

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