Building a Travel Blog Site

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It’s been less than a month since I started my adventures in travel blogging, however, I don’t feel like I’ve had much time to do any actual blogging! Getting a new website set up is a lot of work! Thank goodness I married a technical genius or I’d be totally lost! Coming up with the name for my site was also way harder than I anticipated! Every genius name that I thought I had created was already taken. I picked the name Forget Someday, primarily because it wasn’t already taken and also because of it’s simplicity in describing what my site is all about! To date, my husband and I have taken several wonderful trips and because of our nomadic spirits, we don’t stay in any one place too long. Part of this is due to the limited time and money we have to travel at this point in our lives. I work full time as a high school counselor, but get a fair amount of vacation time throughout the year and my husband is pursuing a writing career, but isn’t bringing in a ton of money, as he is just getting started! I’m sure once we have more time and more money, we’ll slow our pace and spend more time in each new place we visit, but for now, we want to see as much as we can, when we can.

I decided to start blogging our adventures, because I want to share our love of travel with others. I want to reach out to people in our situation (couples with limited time to travel and limited money) and let them know that traveling is possible. As mentioned before, my husband, Sam and I live on my public education salary (which isn’t much) and yet we still get out and explore the beautiful world we live in. I do pretty much all of the planning and booking for our trips and Sam comes along for the ride! The internet is getting to be a busy place where information is endless. When planning a trip, I sometimes get overwhelmed with the available options on places to stay, things to see, and excursions to go on. The purpose of this website is to share the compilation of research I have done for each trip we have taken to hopefully provide my readers with quick tips on destinations they too are considering visiting. The guides that I provide will not be a full comprehensive review of everything there is to know about these particular destinations, but rather what Sam and I were able to fit in during our limited time in a given place. Those that want a comprehensive review are encouraged to purchase a guide book or go to the visitor’s website of a particular region. My site will share our experiences to hopefully give readers ideas of places to consider and visit during their future travels.

I feel the trickiest part to this entire endeavor will be finding followers. Not that I don’t think people will enjoy and appreciate my site, I’m just not sure how to go about reaching out to others to gain a following. Not only did I start this travel blog website, but I created a Forget Someday Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, a Vimeo account and a Google + account. To date, I have 32 likes on Facebook, 14 followers on Twitter, and no likes/followers on Pinterest, Vimeo or Google, because those just got set up! I’m curious to see where my numbers will be in a month, 6 months from now, and a year from now. This is the beginning of my journey and I’m just getting started!


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