Getting from Whittier to Anchorage w/ Anchorage Tours & Transfers

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We arrived in Whittier, Alaska after a rejuvenating week-long cruise on board the Island Princess.

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On most cruises, the disembarkation port can generally be treated as another port of call, full of exciting excursion options. So, what is there to do in Whittier, you ask?! A whole lot of nothing!

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A whopping 218 people currently reside in the town of Whittier. Most cruisers arrive in town only to be whisked away to nearby Anchorage via train, bus, or shuttle.

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Once you disembark from your cruise ship in Whittier, collect your luggage in the main terminal building…

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… look for the sign with Anchorage Tours & Transfers on it.

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Wait briefly in the sitting area until your group is called…

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… then board your 23-passenger shuttle bus. Luggage is stored in a separate trailer, giving passengers plenty of room to stretch out and relax!

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Our journey began with a brief tour of Whittier. There’s only so much to see and say about a town with less than 300 residents that sees over 700,000 tourists annually.

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After driving through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (the longest (2.5 miles) highway tunnel in North America), we stopped at Portage Glacier to gaze upon a serene lake, mountains, and hanging glaciers.

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Following a 15-minute picture stop, we loaded back into the shuttle and drove farther down the road to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

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The Conservation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, public education, and quality animal care.

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Visiting this center not only allows you to support the care for hundreds of displaced animals, but it also gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with native Alaskan animals you may not have the chance to see in the wild!

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For more information about the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, please check out our related detailed blog post.

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You can book a direct-connect option with Anchorage Tours and Transfers which just includes transportation from Whittier to Anchorage, but we felt that it was well worth our money to select the longer tour that included the 1.5 hour stop at the Wildlife Center.

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Our guide, James, was very informative and kept us entertained and amused with his humor and knowledge of the surrounding area!

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Our final stop before Anchorage was Beluga Point. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any beluga whales, but the scenery was beautiful nonetheless.

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Anchorage Tours and Transfers will drop you off at the Anchorage Airport or nearby hotels. We were going on a scenic glacier plane tour later that afternoon, and Anchorage Tours and Transfers was more than happy to drop us off at the flight location.

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Since there is no local public transportation in Whittier, all transfers to Anchorage must be booked ahead of time. After our experience with Anchorage Tours and Transfers, I strongly recommend you book with them. Furthermore, I suggest you select the longer tour option that includes a stop at the Wildlife Center.

Check out a quick video below!

We’d like to thank Anchorage Tours & Transfers for their partnership, as they provided us with a discounted fare so we could share our experiences with you.

As always, our write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences we had.


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