Riomaggiore: A Classic Village in Cinque Terre

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Riomaggiore is the southern-most village in Cinque Terre, located on the western coast of Italy in the beautiful Italian Riviera.

Riomaggiore (41)

Trains run between the 5 villages and beyond. Travelers can also hike between the villages on the famed coastal path. Like Manarola, visitors must walk through a short pedestrian tunnel in Riomaggiore to get from the train station into town.


Once out of the tunnel, turn left on the main street, Via Colombo, to stroll past various restaurants, cafes, shops, and residences.

Via Colombo

Riomaggiore (4)

The best way to explore a small town such as this is to get off the main drag. Follow small staircases and see where they lead!


You might hit a dead-end or you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

Riomaggiore (11)

In our attempt to explore ‘off the beaten path’, we came upon this charming courtyard.

Riomaggiore (14)

This courtyard provided a gentle coastal breeze and amazing views overlooking the village rooftops and the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

Riomaggiore (16)

It is an excellent place to rest your tired feet, enjoy the panoramic scene, and take a few photos.

Riomaggiore (23)

Riomaggiore (24)

We then made our way to the other side of the train station and followed the road leading down to the harbor.

Riomaggiore (9)

Colorful buildings are characteristic of all 5 villages that make up Cinque Terre, but we’d argue that Riomaggiore is certainly the most vibrant of them all.

Riomaggiore (6)

A narrow street lined with colorful fishermen’s boat leads down to a small beach and a wharf surrounded by towering houses.

Riomaggiore (35)

Walk all the way out to the rocks that line the harbor for a magnificent view of the town.

Riomaggiore (40)

Forget Someday in Cinque Terre

From this vantage point, you can see the famed coastal pathway along the rocky cliffside.

Riomaggiore (30)

Because we only had two days to see all of Cinque Terre, we decided to forgo hiking between villages and explore by train and by foot. If we ever make it back to Cinque Terre, we plan to do some hiking!

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