Oughterard: A Quaint Village & Home to Aughnanure Castle

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Oughterard is a peaceful retreat just 30 minutes away from the bustling small town of Galway. This quaint and traditional Irish village is home to Aughnanure Castle and serves as a gateway to the beautiful Connemara Mountain region.

Oughterard Loch

Our intention was to visit Connemara; however, the unpredictable Ireland weather had other plans in mind. It honestly came as much needed forced relaxation, as we were experiencing slight exhaustion at the tail-end of a whirlwind 2-month trip around Europe.

Flower bouquet

The day we intended to visit Connemara, the forecast called for heavy rains and strong winds in that particular region. By this point, we had fallen in love with Oughterard and weren’t too disappointed that we’d instead have to spend another day in this charming town.

Accommodations in Oughterard

The Waterfront House Country Home Oughterard

We booked two rooms for a few nights at a local bed and breakfast (The Waterfront House Country Home) and we couldn’t have been happier with our selection. (Toccara’s dad and step-mom joined us for a week in Ireland.)

Room at The Waterfront House Country Home

With only 6 rooms, it is a cozy and welcoming home! Some of the rooms have distant views of the Connemara mountains. However, we elected to stay in the lake front rooms!

Room at The Waterfront House Country Home

The house also has a communal sitting room complete with fireplace, books, magazines, and a TV. We will forever have fond memories of purchasing a few groceries from the local store and having a ‘picnic-like’ dinner in the sitting room while watching the World Cup!

The Waterfront House Country Home

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Because of limited seating in the dining room, the hosts serve breakfast in 2 rotations. You are informed of your breakfast time upon check-in.

Breakfast room The Waterfront House Country Home

Breakfast was made to order and included fresh meats, cheeses, yogurt, cereal, eggs, cooked meat, and fresh fruit. There certainly was no shortage of yummy options!

Irish breakfast The Waterfront House Country Home

We experienced a little bit of overcast skies and light afternoon showers, but other than that, the weather was delightful during our time in Oughterard.

Loch view

The house setup encourages relaxation! Lounge chairs and picnic tables overlook beautiful Lough (Lake) Corrib.

Loch boat dock

There are even a few row boats on property that guests are free to use!

Row boats on the loch

Sam and his father-in-law share a passion for being out on the water, so they grabbed the oars and paddled over the calm waters of Lake Corrib.

Sailors rowing on the loch

Ireland Guide BannerJust a short walk from the bed and breakfast is an open field along the lake front. We came upon two beautiful and friendly creatures.

Ireland horse in a field Field donkey

Aughnanure Castle

Oughterard’s most notable feature is Aughnanure Castle, a preserved 16th-century fortress. This castle can be reached by a 25-minute walk from the B&B or a quick drive in the car.

Oughterard Aughnanure Castle

Walking up to the castle was like something out of a fairy-tale… rays of sun peeking through the branches, majestic horses, and a tree-lined path along the castle’s moat.

Horses in a sunny meadow near stone wallOld stone wall pathMedieval ruins on a stream

Though, this castle wasn’t exactly where a princess lived awaiting her prince charming!

Forest Castle

The Grounds of Aughnanure Castle

This tower house was built in the 16th century by the O’Flaherty family, one of the most notable lord families in the area at the time. It was then captured, granted to a junior member of a local clan and used to blockade Galway during an invasion, before being reclaimed by the O’Flaherty family.

Aughnanure Castle Oughterard

Eventually a fellow named Lord St George took ownership for some time and it is now managed by the Irish State body responsible for national monuments and historic properties, which means it is open to the public for a small entrance fee.

Aughnanure Castle Oughterard

The sky was overcast and there weren’t many other visitors on the grounds during our time at the castle, making for a peaceful encounter exploring the ruins.

Aughnanure castle tower

There were plenty of descriptive plaques situated around the ruins that described the history of the castle. One of the more interesting (and grim) aspects is something called a murder hole. Invading forces would storm past the main gate and into a narrow hallway outside the front door. Behind them, a metal gate would crash down, sealing them inside. Above, defending soldiers would shoot arrows or stab down through the thin murder hole, eliminating the attackers. Fish in a barrel, anyone?

Aughnanure Castle Oughterard

It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’s still more of a castle than our California condo.

Augnanure medieval castle wallMedieval castle

Windows wide enough for arrows but too skinny for cannonballs. Classic medieval design.

Old castle windowMedieval stone castle steps

These steps lead to…not a whole lot, once you stand back and look at the whole setup.

Old worn stone castle stairs

Aughnanure was one of the most historically and visually interesting castles we visited on our trip. If you’re ever in the region, it’s definitely worth a look!

Aughnanure Castle Oughterard

You can’t really tell from this picture, but the surrounding area was a minefield of animal droppings. It worked as a great motivator to keep visitors from wandering too far from the ruins.

Grass field

Just a short walk from the castle is the Oughterard Golf Club. We’re not golfers, but we are eaters and the golf club boasts a restaurant overlooking the course with a moderate selection of culinary options.

Oughterard Golf ClubDelicious lunch board

Following a light lunch at the golf club, we returned to The Waterfront House Country Home to relax and enjoy our final evening in Oughterard.

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