Half Day in Mykonos

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The Greek Isle of Mykonos was a port of call on our 12-day Mediterranean Cruise. Although we only had a few hours on the beautiful island, we enjoyed every second of it! The food and windmills were INCREDIBLE!

Mykonos Greece

After a quick lunch on the ship, we got in line to get our tender ticket to Mykonos.

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Ship

We got in line pretty early and they started passing out tickets early, so we got in group #2, behind those passengers who booked shore excursions. Getting off the boat was chaotic, confusing and loud. Even though we anchored earlier than our scheduled arrival, we still didn’t get off the boat until over 30 minutes after our arrival time.

Port Excursion Tender Ticket

The water was super choppy, as the wind was crazy strong (about 20 to 30 mph), so the trip over on the tender boat was a little bit of a wild ride!

Greek Isle of Mykonos

We thought we may not be able to go to Mykonos, because the cruise on the same route before us didn’t stop because the winds were too strong. The day before our arrival the winds were reading at 40+ mph, so we were glad they died down a little bit so we could stop on this beautiful Greek isle.

Toccara Forget Someday Travel Blog Mykonos

It was still windy as heck on the island, but we were grateful to be there.

Mykonos White Stone Alley

Once we arrived, we were a little confused as to where to go, so we attempted to look at a map and tried to guess where we were, but could not figure it out. We decided to walk down one of the shopping streets.

Mykonos White Stone House with red flowers

We stopped and asked a shop owner to explain where we were and we were still slightly confused, so we just wandered the streets.

Mykonos Windmills

We somehow came to the famous Mykonos windmills and walked further up the street to find the bus station. We had in mind to go to a beach and needed to either take the bus or rent an ATV to get there. As was our luck, the bus was just leaving and the next one wasn’t leaving for another hour. Even if we took a taxi, which is expensive, we would have been at someone else’s mercy for when we wanted to come back. We decided to skip the beach, which Sam was a little bummed about.

Greek jewelry

We ended up exploring the island and buying souvenirs (a bracelet, a canvas painting, olive oil soap, olive oil and ouzo).

Drink Greek Mythos beer

Sam got a cold beer at a local market for €1.20 and we bought a huge bottle of Fanta to bring back on the ship.

Greek food

We came across a traditional Greek restaurant/café, which provided us with the best meal we’d had thus far! It was called Passaggio.

Meal at Greek restaurant

We started out with baked feta (and peppers, tomatoes and oil) and spanakopita (spinach pie). Sam ordered a chicken gyro plate. The tzatziki was amazing. We had the local ‘Fanta’, a.k.a. orange soda, that was quite refreshing!

Mykonos White stone alley

After our meal, we walked the narrow streets again. It was fairly crowded at some points, because there were five cruise ships docked at Mykonos that day!

Mykonos beach

We found our way to a secluded area with not much beach, just one old guy in a Speedo and a topless woman sunbathing.

Forget Someday Travel Blog couple Mykonos Windmills

We found our way back to the windmills.

Mykonos Windmills

We got back on the boat around 7 PM and watched the full moon rise over the island.

Full moon over Mykonos Greece

All in all it was a good, short day!

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  1. Nice post! Yes, the winds in the Cyclades can really get to you. But, its my favorite island chain. Looks like you got a lot in. Mykonos is a magical place.

    • We only saw such a small part of the island. Definitely need to go back for another visit, and also hit up several nearby islands! So many wonderful islands to explore in Greece… so little time!

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