Eguisheim: A Colorful French Village

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Eguisheim is a colorful village with just under 2,000 residents in north-east France that looks like something straight out of a fairytale. The winding cobblestone streets are lined with traditional medieval half-timbered brightly-painted buildings.

Eguisheim Alsace FranceEguisheim, France

Where is Eguisheim?

It is located in the Alsace wine region and is one of many quaint towns on the Route du Vin (Wine Route) through eastern France. The entire village can be easily seen on foot as you follow the cobblestone streets through a compact maze of residences, restaurants, shops, and historical sites.

Eguisheim AlsaceEguisheim, France

Why Visit Eguisheim France?

In 2013, Eguisheim was voted Village préféré des Français (Favorite French Village), an honor bestowed upon a different town in France each year.

EguisheimEguisheim France

The village is also a member of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (The Most Beautiful Villages of France) Association.

Eguisheim France

The majority of visitors are French and many others are from the neighboring countries of Germany and Switzerland.

Alsace France Eguisheim, France Alsace

Our visit was part of a road trip from Switzerland to Belgium. And of course, due to its recent honors and distinctions, visitors are coming from all corners of the globe to experience the charm of this beautiful and historic village.

Eguisheim Village

Eguisheim, France Facts

Eguisheim France has over 800 acres (339 hectares) of vineyards and is known for being the birthplace of the Alsace industry of viticulture. Its micro-climate is perfect for wine-growing.

Eguisheim Village France

There is quite a bit of history packed into this small village. Pope Léon IX was said to have been born in this region. A stature honoring the Pope can be found in the village’s main square- Place du Château. The fountain beneath the statue was built between 1834 and 1836, and is the largest of four in Alsace.

Eguisheim French Village

Besides wine, the other thing that Eguisheim is known for is the storks!

Eguisheim Storks

As you wander the streets, be sure to stop by the many shops to sample local meats, cheeses, and wine! There are also several shops you can peruse to pick up locally made souvenirs to remember your visit or to take back home to loved ones.

Eguisheim ShopsEguisheim ShopsFrench Cheese Eguisheim

How to Get to Eguisheim Village

The nearest train station is Herrlisheim près Colmar, located approximately 2 miles (3.5 km) away. It’s best to have a car during your visit, if possible, as it also allows you to visit some of the other nearby beautiful Alsace villages, such as Riquewihr (stay tuned for our write-up on this popular village).

Eguisheim Alsace

Although brief, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Equisheim. It provided us with the beauty, charm, and appeal we crave in a small town.

Eguisheim French Village


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Photos like these make me fall in love with the Alsace region!

    • Thanks! It’s hard not to fall in love with this region! I wish we had a little more time there, but it was just a stop on our all day road trip! We plan to spend a few days in this region on our next visit!

  2. Sammi Wanderlustin'

    Wow, what a stunning place. It looks almost unreal!

  3. This town looks so adorable! I love all the buildings and would love to wander around those streets! Great photos!

    • Thanks! Such a cute town! There were more like this in this region, but unfortunately we were on a tight time schedule and couldn’t visit any others. Oh well… just means we’ll need to go back!

  4. So I just made a note to add this to my ‘must see’ list because it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love fairytale villages. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m blown away by these photos – they are absolutely stunning!! I would LOVE to meander around this village, it’s adorable!

  6. Wow it really does look like straight out of the pages of a fairytal! I think I’ve fallen in love and haven’t even been there yet! Thanks for sharing these great photos and introducing me to a new part of the world!

  7. Firstly, your pictures are awesome! I could imagine visiting here any time and with those sort of colors regardless of how you are feeling it would just put you in a good mood. It’s so relaxing when you come across towns and villages like this to just wander around and explore. Thanks for finding this idyllic French spot!

  8. Thanks for sharing this little unknown gem with us, it looks really amazing!!!! 😀

  9. I must admit I’ve never heard of that place yet it looks so picturesque and beautiful! A friend of mine lives in Strasbourg, I’ve been planning to visit her so when I eventually go I will try to visit Eguisheim as well, it’s like from a fairy tale!

  10. This place looks so magical! I’ve never heard of it before. I love the brightly painted buildings, and that’s so cool that storks live there! I’d love to go!

    • So glad we could introduce so many people to this village! You must put Eguisheim on your list! There are so many other cute villages in the same region (Alsace Wine Region)!

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