About Us

Hi there! We’re Toccara & Sam, a traveling couple (now with toddler in tow) eager to look after your home and pets while you enjoy some time away! We’re mature, responsible, and have a thing for cleanliness, so we promise to keep your house in top condition in your absence. We are both 38 years old, non-smokers, & Toccara is vegetarian. Sam is a Science Fiction Writer and Toccara runs a travel blog, meaning we both work from home. Because we work online, we are home often to provide endless care and attention to your pets. If you have no pets and simply want someone in your home while you travel, we’re happy to help you there as well! We are firm believers that having someone in your home while you’re away is ALWAYS a good idea. Check out this article we wrote about why you should consider having housesitters during your travels, regardless of whether or not you have pets.

Sam, Rowan, and Toccara

Why We Want to House-Sit For You

Simply put, we love to explore new places. Housesitting will allow us the opportunity to travel to new destinations and live among the locals. We left our traditional careers over 4 years ago now and have been traveling all over the globe. Being housesitters has provided us with opportunities we may not have been able to do otherwise!

Enjoying the beauty of Croatia

Discovering the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Our House/Pet-Sitting Experiences

We have experience looking after pets (cats, dogs, and fish) during a multitude of housesits. And while we do not currently have any pets of our own, we are both previous pet owners. Of the pets we have looked after during previous house-sits, several have had special needs, requiring us to administer medicine and keep an extra keen eye on the pet(s).

Sam working while enjoying the company of Poppy in England

Cost of Services

We do not charge for our services. Though we have had several home owners offer a small payment as a gesture of appreciation, mostly when pets are involved. It is certainly not expected. We do what we do as an exchange. You provide us with lovely accommodations (including utilities) and we provide you with outstanding house and pet sitting services.

Out for a family stroll with Goldie in SW Florida

Our Ideal Housesit

We usually prefer housesits in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to outdoor activities, even if it’s just walking around the neighborhood, a quaint little town, or visiting a nearby park. We typically enjoy smaller towns away from the hustle and bustle of a large city, though this truly depends on the specific city. Our preference is for smoke-free, well-kept, uncluttered, spacious, and comfortable houses. We pride ourselves on cleanliness and we hope you do too! We prefer housesits that are at least 2-3 weeks in duration. Longer sits are most certainly welcome! We are most interested in looking after 1-3 fairly low-maintenance pets.

Sam and Rowan meeting Goldie

We now travel with our young son (2 years old), and while we know some people may hesitate having a toddler in their home, we can assure you that we are extremely attentive parents. Rowan is never left unattended. He is not allowed to climb/jump on furniture and he is not allowed to eat anywhere other than in his high chair. Heck, you might find that he is cleaner than most adults! Your home will be left in the same condition as when we arrived, if not better, as we pride ourselves on cleanliness. Most homeowners can’t even tell a toddler ever stepped foot in their home. He is perfectly fine navigating stairs and we have done several housesits to date with a pool present, so there is no concern for us there.

Rowan making friends with Boots in Vermont

The way we work our day-to-day schedule is that I (Toccara) take Rowan (our son) out in the morning for adventures (park, library, hike, beach, play date, etc.), while Sam (my husband) stays home to work, then we switch in the afternoon. This means that Rowan isn’t actually in the house all that often, and at least one adult is pretty much always home keeping your pet(s) company. Regardless, Rowan has grown up around pets and treats them with gentle care. We have found that many of the pets we’ve looked after really enjoy his company and gentle affection!

Rowan playing with Boots

We will bring reliable care and attention to your home and love and affection to your pets! We pride ourselves on providing homeowners with steady communication during their time away (if desired). We also strive to leave your home in a similiar, if not better, condition than when we arrive.

Contact Us

Please get in touch via our Contact Page or send us an e-mail ( if you are in need of a sitter.

In your initial contact, please provide us with the following information:

  • Dates requested
  • Location of home (and the surrounding area)
  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms (we also ask that you please provide us with a few photos of your home)
  • Details about your home, including available appliances and utilities
    (AC/Heating, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Microwave/Oven, Internet Speed, Pool, etc.)
  • Additional requested household duties (watering plants, lawn maintenance, etc.)

If you have pets, please provide the following information:

  • Age and breed of pet(s)
  • Special needs of pet(s) (medicine, special diet, etc.)
  • Daily routine of pet(s) (schedule, walks, restroom habits, etc.)
  • Any additional information about your beloved pet that we need to know!

We are more than happy to communicate via e-mail, phone, or video chat to determine your needs and to ensure that the arrangement will be a good fit for both parties!

Knowing your home and pet(s) are in good hands will help you relax while away

Testimonials From Home Owners

This is a direct copy and paste of all of our reviews (mostly from, starting with the most recent first. We have received nothing but 5-stars from each home owner in the categories of Organization, Reliability, Self-Sufficiency, Tidiness, and Pet Care.

Helen – Charleston, South Carolina, United States (8 – 11 Mar 2020)

Toccara, Sam and Rowan were wonderful house/pet sitters! I had a business trip to Nashville TN for 3 nights. They took great care of Bella and left my home in perfect condition! I would definitely consider using them again for a future trip!

Paula – Decatur, Georgia, United States (28 Feb – 8 Mar 2020)

Toccara, Sam, and Rowan were a beautiful, joyful family and we loved having them stay. They came in the evening before we left so we got to enjoy some time getting to know them. They had read my Welcome Guide thoroughly and asked thoughtful follow-up questions to clarify anything we hadn’t thought of. Toccara had a great phone interview/questionnaire for our initial conversation when I was considering applicants, which helped us all feel comfortable that it would be a good fit and a pleasant experience for everyone. The communications were consistently top-notch, from updating us with their arrival plans to pictures of the kitties and their adventures during the sit. We could see that everyone was happy and peaceful. We returned to an immaculate house, thriving plants, and content kitties. I recommend them very highly, and would be thrilled to have them back any time.

Bethany & Larry – Durham, North Carolina, United States (30 Jan – 28 Feb 2020)

(The following is a direct copy and paste of our first and only review thus far on

Toccara, Sam and their son are a delight! We couldn’t have asked for a better family to take care of our home while we were in Thailand. From the first email exchanges and video call, I knew we were in good hands. They are organized, reliable, and fun to work with. Toccara came to our first call with a list of questions that she has prepared for the occasion. Right away, I knew this couple had experience housesitting and took it seriously. We have worked with many house sitters over the years and really appreciate the ones who pay attention to details. When Toccara and Sam came a day early to go over everything, they asked good questions and took notes. Because we were going to be in Thailand for a month when there can be winter storms at home, I knew I was going to rely heavily on them. There were ten days when we were in the jungle without internet, but I didn’t worry because I was confident that Toccara and Sam could handle whatever came up. I was right. When something unexpected occurred, they would troubleshoot online and figure out what to do. A good example was when a door keypad stopped working and they figured out how to replace the battery. (We’ve had house sitters who never changed burned out lightbulbs with replacements provided.) Our new friends regularly sent pics of the cats as well as updates. Our home and furry family were well cared for. The house was pristine when we got home and they’d even attended to the yard, which we hadn’t asked them to do. I almost hesitate to write this endorsement for fear everyone will want them and they won’t be available the next time we leave for an extended trip. You couldn’t do better.

Lana – Austin, Texas, United States (5 Dec 2019 – 12 Jan 2020)

Toccara and Sam were amazing. They loved on my cats and sent us daily photos and videos. Best of all, my house was cleaner and more organized when I got home than when I left it. My cats seemed super happy when we got back and didn’t leave us any angry poops or pees, which is a first. Amazing experience, I want Toccara to move in now.

Pam & Steve – Boulder, Colorado, United States (28 Sept – 30 Oct 2019)

Toccara, Sam & Rowan were the BEST housesitters I could ever imagine. Once we accepted them through TH, we immediately began corresponding for all the preliminary details and then resumed correspondence about three weeks before the sit date. They arrived the day before we left so we could show them the area, go over details of the pet and house. We were on a cruise out of the country for one month and they were able to IM us while we were on board the ship. About every two days we received a written update and photo of our dog.

Our new furnace, which can communicate through an app, had a problem while we were gone and we were receiving messages from it while we were on the ship. We contacted Toccara and she was totally in control of the problem and managed everything promptly and correctly.

The most wonderful greeting to our house was that it was SPOTLESS and food in the refrigerator for us to eat when we returned home. Our dog didn’t even care that we came home because she fell in love with this wonderful family. I will highly recommend Toccara and plan to use them for another extended trip next year. Now all I have to do is plan the trip.

Julie – Hood River, Oregon, United States (29 Aug – 25 Sept 2019)

Toccara and Sam were the best petsitters in the world. I was a bit concerned because of having a toddler in the house and I have an old dog, but it worked out great. They are so on top of everything and extremely organized. I loved having them watch after my Ollie. I got updates and great pictures while I was away and communication between them was wonderful. I only wish they were available for my next trip. I would not hesitate to use them at all. You’ll be so glad you did.

Walt & Jen – Bend, Oregon, United States (23 Jul – 9 Aug 2019)

Simply put, Sam and Toccara (and Rowan) were the best! They were very communicative leading up to the sit and they came to town the evening before we left so that we could show them all the ins and outs of house and pet care as well as have some time to let the pets adjust while we were still around. It was obvious right from the start that they had an easy, relaxed manner around animals and knew how to handle themselves around pets. They asked all the right questions and had clearly read our sitter guide as well. And the added bonus….they’re great people! We had a fun evening chatting, and hearing about their travels and giving them lots of tips for things to do around town while they were here. Sam and Toccara gave us plenty of great updates while we were away with lots of fun photos included. When we returned, our pets (cat and dog) were happy to see us but super relaxed and it was obvious they had been extremely well cared for. The house was cleaner than when we left it, and everything was in perfect order. Needless to say, we’re going to start planning our vacations around Sam and Toccara’s availability to house sit. If you’re lucky enough to get a response from these guys, take it. Don’t even read the other applicants. 🙂

Marie – Novato, California, United States (17-21 Jul 2019)

Toccara and her little family were fabulous! She sent text updates about how the cats were doing and even sent some pictures as well. It means so much as a pet owner to know your “fur babies” are in good hands. They left the apartment so clean and even changed the sheets before they left! She wrote a sweet note outlining a few details about their stay before she left. I hope Toccara and her family can sit again soon! Thank you, Toccara!

Amy – San Clemente, California, United States (5-13 Jul 2019)

Toccara and Sam were amazing! From the moment we met them, we could tell they’d be a great fit for our home and pets. They immediately put us at ease. Toccara and Sam were sure that they understood what was expected and how to keep our pets happy and safe! Our neighbors noticed how nice they were too. They communicated with us clearly about their plans for arrival and departure, and sent updates and pictures too. They house was spotless when we got home. There was even a handwritten note and cookies on the counter. Thank you, Toccara and Sam! We would definitely use them in the future and recommend them to our friends.

Don & Sue – Poway, California, United States (8 Jun – Jul 4, 2019)

Toccara, Sam, and son, Rowan, housesat while we were overseas for 4 weeks. We didn’t have to provide anything for their young son as they travel with everything they need. We were very thankful (after they contacted us) that they took care of our home security system when it needed attention and service calls. We returned to a spotless home and our houseplants and outdoor landscaping were all great and some even better! Our adult children now live in different cities and how wonderful it was knowing our home was safely being watched over all the time while we were away. We came home to scented candles and soft music and thanks to this great family we were happy to be home. Hoping to have them come stay again!

Claudia – Lecanto, Florida, United States (15 – 25 May 2019)

(The following is a direct copy and paste of our first and only review thus far on

What a great experience! Sam, Toccara, and little Rowan just finished a 1 week stint at our Florida home. They cared for three cats and a porch full of orchids and plants and took the responsibility very seriously. They followed my instructions precisely and even did a few ‘extras’ as needed. Toccara contacted me frequently with questions, concerns, and pics, all of which I appreciated. I dare say, she put more time into it than I would have if I were home! These are intelligent professionals (they’re both writers) who are working throughout the day. They weren’t there to use my home as their vacation spot. Such an interesting couple. We’re very glad we got to know them a bit and certainly hope to use them again. I highly recommend them. Oh, did I mention we came home to a house that was cleaner than we left it?

Anne – Orlando, Florida, United States (10-12 May 2019)

Toccara and Sam were absolutely fantastic. This is the second time they’ve taken care of Molly and I will most definitely be asking them to return. I can’t say enough great things about Toccara and Sam. They were so attentive. Molly is an older pup and can require a bit of extra attention and they took superb care of her. I was especially impressed with how great Rowan is with Molly. He is so gentle…an absolute sweetheart. My house is in no way child proof whatsoever but it didn’t matter because of how attentive they are. I arrived home to a clean house in mint condition. A+ all around. I highly recommend Toccara and Sam. They are very reliable and such a joy. You’ll pets and house will be in great hands!

Mary – Lady Lake, Florida, United States (11 – 25 Apr 2019)

I thought my last house sitters could not be exceeded but Toccara and Sam exceeded all expectations giving so much love and attention to Rocky, sending pictures and updates daily, by leaving the house in stellar condition, even organizing my pantry and sweeping out my garage. Truly wonderful housesitters, who I’d love to have back as soon as I can. I can’t say enough about what wonderful people they were and how highly I’d recommend them.

Anne – Orlando, Florida, United States (4 – 15 Mar 2019)

Toccara and Sam were absolutely fantastic! They took such great care of Molly. I received a lot of updates and photos while I was away. I came home to a spotless house and a super happy pup. Their son Rowan is adorable and such a joy. I was so impressed how good he was with Molly. I highly recommend Toccara and Sam. They were really wonderful.

Arica – Cape Coral, Florida, United States (31 May – 5 Aug 2018)

Simply the BEST! Toccara and Sam are the nicest couple I have ever met. I was super nervous about leaving our home for two months (my pets are my world) but the minute Toccara, Sam and baby Rowan stepped into my home I felt at complete ease about our summer plans. I had never done this before and Toccara and Sam were very experienced, they knew every question to ask and every topic to go over. We had a few unexpected things with the pets and home pop up and they handled them amazingly! My dog usually acts weird with other people when we leave her but she did not miss a beat with them. They sent pictures and updates frequently. When we got home our house was immaculate and my tupperware cabinet was even organized! I just cant say enough about them! The one thing I was a little nervous about was that my cat is a little frisky and they have the little one but Toccara assured me she is on top of the little one all the time so she would be sure nothing would happen, they came down the night before we left so we could show them everything and I could see then her words were very true about that! I am so very thankful for what they did for us while we were away and can’t wait to have them back again next year!

Karen – Asheville, North Carolina, United States (2 – 6 May 2018)

Toccara and Sam were great. Our pets are somewhat hi- need since they are older so we appreciated how responsible, timely and communicative they were. They followed all our directions to a “T” and even watered our outdoor plants. And when we came home, our house was nice and clean!

Laurie & Bob – Titusville, Florida, United States (23 Dec 2017 – 7 Jan 2018)

Another great experience with Trusted Housesitters! Toccara & Sam (and their adorable little one!) did a two-week sit for us while we went across the U.S. for the holidays. Up front communication was excellent. While we were gone, we got updates and pics of our kitty Siobhan (even a bit of Skype video, though Siobhan doesn’t seem to really believe that’s us on the other end of the video, ha-ha!). We returned to a very clean and tidy home. They even organized our food pantry, something that we had never quite got around to following our move a few months earlier (we can actually walk in there and find things now!). Would not hesitate to use again.

Brett – Dunedin, Florida, United States (6 – 10 Jul 2017)

Sam & Toccara did a fantastic job caring for our bengal cat, watering plants, and house sitting for us during our vacation. I could tell that they were successful in administering arthritis medication to our beloved Jaden as he was able to walk fine upon our return home. Jaden was so accustomed to playing with Sam and Toccara that he asked to play more often after their departure! They brought in mail and packages and sent us daily text messages with pictures and updates. Our home was just as clean as the day we left and we honestly couldn’t even tell that anyone had even been living there for 5 days. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful couple. We highly recommend Sam & Toccara for any pet or house sitting needs!!!!

Sarah – Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (17 – 18 Jan 2017)

Sam and Toccara are an amazing couple, who genuinely care about pets. Having them look after my puppy gave me such reassurance that she was in very safe hands. They respected my home whilst I was away and were extremely attentive to the information I provided regarding my puppy. I would book them again without any hesitation! It was a pleasure to meet and get to know them. I wish them the very best.

Sharon and David – Moulsoe, United Kingdom (29 Nov 2016 – 18 Feb 2017)

Unusually we did not have any pets that needed looking after but going away for 12 weeks over winter we wanted to know the house was lived in and cared for. Sam and Toccara did exactly that. They arrived a couple of days before we departed and we were very pleased to discover that their objectives (to spend time in the UK and to write) were well matched to our plans to have reliable house sitters. We exchanged occasional communications and returned to find the house and garden in good order. Hopefully their writing was also productive.

Sheila – Maidstone, United Kingdom (19 – 28 May 2016)

Sam & Toccara were such a kind & considerate couple, that we were sad to see them go! On our return, the cats were happily fussing around them and the house was cleaner than when we left! The Rayburn was lit giving us a warm homecoming, coal was in, dishes done, birds fed & the greenhouse was flourishing! Really can’t thank them enough xxx

Melinda – Bedlington, United Kingdom (2 – 18 May 2016)

Toccara and Sam have just completed a 15/16 day sit for my poorly cat, and she could not have been in better hands. I found them to be delightful, honest and trustworthy, and would wholeheartedly recommend them. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure my cat was happy and well looked after, and I had regular emails and photos to keep my mind at rest whilst abroad. They treated her very gently, provided her medication and went out of their way to ensure she had her fresh food and comfort. One slight issue in her health arose whilst I was away, which was handled very well and they contacted me immediately for my advice. My home was as if they had never been there, with everything left clean and tidy. I consider myself very fortunate to have had them sit, and will be keenly following their progress and travels. This was my first experience with TrustedHousesitters, and I couldn’t have had a nicer couple or experience.

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