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Dingle Peninsula Drive

You’ve heard of the Ring of Kerry, but what about the Dingle Peninsula to the immediate north? For those looking to avoid the more crowded highways or to simply add to the splendor of the Ring of Kerry, the stunning drive along Slea Head will more than satisfy.

Slea Head Drive sign post Dingle Peninsula

You’ll want to carve out a full day for a drive along the Dingle coast, as there is much to see along the way. You could probably make it happen in about 4 hours, but you would be simply driving past a lot of beautiful sights! There are a handful of restaurants scattered about the land, but you’ll have to check to see if they’re open before your trip. Or bring a picnic lunch! It is important to note that there are very few gas (petrol) stations on the peninsula. In fact, there are no gas stations west of the town of Dingle, so be sure to fill up before heading out on Slea Head Drive.

Dingle Peninsula Map

Dingle Peninsula Map – Image Credit: https://www.dingle-peninsula.ie

You can download this Dingle Peninsula Map by clicking HERE.

Driving the Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Drive

The Dingle Peninsula (or Corca Dhuibhne) stretches 30 miles (48 kilometres) into the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland’s southwest coast. The peninsula is dominated by a range of mountains that run from the Slieve Mish range out to Mount Brandon, Ireland’s second highest peak.

Dingle Coast

You can take an RV on the drive, but we wouldn’t recommend it! Much of the journey is a one-lane highway, with only small turnouts to use when you meet oncoming traffic. We saw some larger buses successfully pull it off, but we wouldn’t want the added stress! It’s tough enough to drive a manual transmission on the “wrong” side of the road.

Dingle Pensinula DriveDingle Peninsula Loop

Things To See Along the Dingle Peninsula Loop

Before we began the drive, we printed out a downloadable self-guided tour which provided great information on the many historic landmarks we visited. (We’ve received numerous requests for the guide we printed out and while I’m not sure if this is the exact one we used, here is a detailed guide to things to see along the Dingle Peninsula Loop drive.)

Dunbeg Fort Ireland Things to see on the Dingle Drive

Many of the sites are little more than ruins, but all it takes is some imagination to transport you back in time!

Things to see on Dingle Peninsula

No front door? No memory-foam mattress? How did they survive?!

Bee hive hut Dingle Peninsula Ireland

Though, if we had a view like THIS to wake up to every morning, I guess we could sleep on straw. Maybe.

Dingle Peninsula

There was no shortage of sheep on the peninsula. Every time we stopped, they were waiting to disregard us for their favorite anytime meal: grass!

Driving the Dingle Peninsula Fluffy SheepSheep on grassy ocean cliff

Dingle Drive

The coastline consists of steep sea-cliffs, broken by sandy beaches, with two large sand spits at Inch in the south and the Maharees to the north.

Dingle Peninsula Drive

The water is crystal clear everywhere you look.

Dingle Peninsula

Ireland Guide BannerDingle Coast

Some parts of the peninsula even have sandy beaches for those brave enough to dip their toes in the frigid water!

Dingle Peninsula Coast

There are a few walking routes on the peninsula, with small designated parking areas close to most trailheads.

Hiking Dingle Peninsula Ireland

We decided to take a hint from the sheep and climb up to the top of a particularly inviting hill. TIP: Watch your step for sheep droppings; they’re everywhere!

Man walking on grassy field with sheep

We were rewarded with a majestic 365° view. The Blasket Islands lie to the west.

Dingle Peninsula Ireland Blasket Islands

From a distance, these ancient land divisions look like a maze for sheep.

Dingle Peninsula

The Gallarus Oratory is thought to be an early Christian church, built entirely of native cut stone. The structure’s age is difficult to pinpoint. Most estimates put the construction between the 6th and 9th centuries, with some estimates going as high as the 12th!

Gallarus Oratory

There is a vine-lined pathway that leads to the Oratory from the free parking lot. There is also a paid lot (it’s not expensive). During our visit, there was only one other family, so it was easy to go inside the old building and explore.

Flower vine

Along with the Beara Peninsula to the south, the Dingle Peninsula Loop drive is a must for anyone who loves the beauty of coastal Ireland. So, you may still be asking yourself… Dingle Peninsula or Ring of Kerry? We personally preferred the Dingle Peninsula over the Ring of Kerry, but you just may have to do both to see which one you prefer. Or you can just take our word and enjoy the super scenic Dingle Peninsula Drive! The Ring of Kerry is stunning in its own right. We certainly don’t want to discourage you from driving the ROK. It’s just that we preferred the views and lack of traffic along the Dingle Peninsula. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

And if you’d rather someone else do the driving… you have options!!

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