Staying Connected With a USA SIM Card

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Staying connected while traveling is something many travelers consider before embarking on an overseas adventure. Sure, WiFi in hotels and cafes is great, but what about when you’re out and about? And let’s face it, when you’re traveling, you typically spend more time exploring a new destination away from the convenience of WiFi, so it’s important to consider an option for staying connected on the go! We’ve used our fair share of international SIM cards throughout our travels and most recently teamed up with Telaway during a trip back to the USA to visit family. Telaway offers customers a USA SIM card with unlimited calls, texts, and data, making it easy for travelers to stay connected while in the USA.


With at least 2 weeks notice, Telaway will ship your SIM card to a USA address for free. They also offer free delivery service within the EU! You can’t beat free shipping, so be sure to order your card in advance!

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Telaway SIM cards are available in a variety of sizes: full-sized, micro, and nano. Simply select the size that’s appropriate for your smartphone. The service uses the T-Mobile network, which worked exceptionally well during our visits to both Florida and California. There were only a few times when the signal was a little weak, but it was on par with the service we received through Verizon when we lived in the USA. For instance, there were a few places where we could not get service with our Telaway SIM card, but again these were the same places we could not connect with a traditional phone plan, as the available service is dependent on nearby cell towers.

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The SIM card is super simple to use! Just pop out your current SIM card, replace it with the Telaway card and you’re ready to go! Your SIM packet will come with a pin that allows you to simply access the SIM card in your phone. Another great feature that comes with your Telaway SIM card is the ability to forward calls from your home number to your phone in the USA. You’ll receive two numbers with your SIM card- a local USA number and a virtual international number. The virtual international number can be set up to divert calls from your home number for free!

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With your Telaway USA SIM card you’ll have access to:

  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls within the USA
  • Unlimited calling to a variety of countries*
    • *Make calls to landlines and mobile phones in Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Germany, the UK, France, and more. Call landlines in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, and more.
  • Unlimited SMS (text messages) in the USA  and to and from mobiles in several countries
  • Unlimited data (up to 4GB at 4G speeds) – Data will slow after 5GB, but will never stop

We received a handful of texts from the service provider throughout the month informing us on how to update account settings and get support, if needed. There were also a few texts that came through near the end of our service plan reminding us that service would be ending soon. These messages, which come standard with most international SIM cards, were included in our unlimited texts and were of no additional charge to us.

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For shorter trips, consider a Telaway USA SIM card for up to 10 days at $59.97 USD. You can stay connected in the USA for an entire month for just under $100! $99.97 USD will provide you with up to 30 days of coverage. Call Telaway if you plan on traveling in the USA for longer than 60 days. (Prices as of March 2016)

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If we’re feeling extra frugal, we’ll rely solely on WiFi as we travel, though honestly that can be a royal pain in the butt! Having a SIM card allows you to stay connected on the road– rely on the convenience of using the GPS in your phone when you’re lost, look up the address of an attraction you plan to visit, and make a call to a restaurant to make a reservation. The Telaway SIM card was super convenient for us in Florida, as we spent 9 days in an RV at a campsite with no access to WiFi. We turned my phone into a mobile hotspot, connected both of our computers, and worked remotely in our RV. This, of course, burned through the data pretty quickly. But remember, you’ll have lightning fast connectivity up until you use 5GB, and unlimited data at a slightly slower speed for the duration of your service plan with Telaway.

We’d like to thank Telaway for providing us with a month of service in exchange for this review. Our feedback is an accurate reflection of the service we experienced. With free and fast delivery, easy set-up, and reliable connectivity, we can definitely recommend the service provided by Telaway!

Planning a trip to the USA?! Order your Telaway USA SIM card TODAY!


  1. Sounds like a great way to stay connected when abroad! Do you have to have an unlocked phone to use the SIM?

  2. Last time we went on an Alaskan cruise, we turned off our phones as soon as the ship left Seattle and didn’t turn them back on until we got back, for fear of ending up with a multi-hundred dollar bill for international roaming and data as we traveled along the coast of Canada. Would this be a good solution for that issue? The ship has a data plan, but it’s not cheap!

    • I recommend you call your cell phone provider and see about coverage in that region of the US. Though Alaska is in the US, your coverage may be limited to the continental US and you may be in some international waters during your cruise (where cell service won’t work anyway). The thing with SIM cards is that they too work off of cell towers, so even with a SIM card in your phone, it wouldn’t work on the ship (unless docked at port and near a cell tower). Also, coverage is limited to the continental US, so I’m going to guess that this particular SIM card will not be your best option for an Alaskan cruise. You could look at a wireless hotspot option (a device to which you can connect multiple phones and even computers), for example TEP wireless. Again, keep in mind it works only where cell service is available, but it would help you avoid possible roaming charges if your cell provider does not cover Alaska. (Check the TEP website to see what their coverage includes to see if you’d also be covered in Canada, if you have any stops there on your cruise!) And if you need some inspiration for planning your Alaskan cruise, check out our posts from the ports we visited during our cruise!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a great deal to have unlimited access to these features, and to be able to connect to phones and landlines in other countries only adds to the benefit. Having the option to select cheaper plans for a shorter duration is perfect for small trips as well.

  4. Graham Crockford

    If we pop over the border into Canada will it still work?

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