NH Belfort Gent (Ghent) Review

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NH Gent Belfort is the largest hotel in the city of Ghent, Belgium, with 174 rooms.

NH Belfort G (32)

(We spell it Ghent, but it’s actually Gent in Dutch/Flemish.)

NH Belfort G (30)

It also happened to be the largest hotel we stayed in during our 6-week summer trip to Europe.

NH Belfort G (27)

However, this fact did not take away from the hospitable ambiance exuding from this luxury hotel.

NH Belfort G (59)

Located in the heart of the city right near town hall, NH Gent Belfort provides guests with all of the modern luxuries one would expect from a 4-star hotel.

NH Belfort G (8)

There are a variety of room types, from Standard, Superior, and Deluxe rooms to larger Suites to accommodate traveling families.

NH Belfort G (7)

We had no idea when partnering with this hotel that we would be treated to an executive room!

NH Belfort G (13) NH Belfort G (12) NH Belfort G (14) NH Belfort G (18) NH Belfort G (9)

With a luxurious bathroom (with separate shower and tub) and provided bathrobes and slippers, we felt pretty swanky!

NH Belfort G (24)

It was a shame that we didn’t have enough time to indulge in the hotel’s sauna or take advantage of the garden terrace. Maybe on our next trip to Ghent…

NH Belfort G (23)

Our 375 sq. foot room was extremely spacious and comfortable.

NH Belfort G (4)

We had a separate walk-in closet, which allowed us to store our luggage and other belongings and keep the bedroom area clutter-free!

NH Belfort G (20)

With a separate work station and sitting area, we were able to come home after a long day of exploring the city and relax with a book on the chaise lounge or check our e-mail via the hotel’s secure WiFi.

NH Belfort G (10)

The front desk staff (Sarah, in particular) could not have been more helpful! She provided us with a plethora of information about the city, local attractions, and dining options.

NH Belfort G (26)

Jurgen, NH Gent Belfort’s Hotel Director, was also extremely hospitable and helpful!

Ghent (132)

Many of Ghent’s main attractions are located within walking distance from the hotel: Belfry tower, Gravensteen Castle, and the Korenmarkt, to name a few.

Ghent (108)

It is strongly recommended for you to purchase a Ghent City Pass to go “all in” and experience many of Ghent’s most famed and visited attractions. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of all we were able to see during our (too) brief visit to Ghent!

Ghent (86)

Breakfast at NH Belfort Gent was just as spectacular as we were expecting considering the lavishness of the room and hotel grounds.

NH Belfort G (35)

Given the size of the hotel, it’s obvious that they would need a large breakfast room. I felt like I was walking into a dining room on a large cruise ship! However, there weren’t as many people dining when we arrived, as we came slightly after the morning rush. We stayed out late the night before admiring the way Ghent lights up its buildings at night. (Stay tuned for a blog post on this!)

NH Belfort G (36)

When they say full breakfast buffet, they mean it!

NH Belfort G (42)

Again, it was a shame we’d only get to indulge in this breakfast for one morning! There was no way I could sample all of the delicacies.

NH Belfort G (39)

I was overwhelmed with the choices- fresh fruit, yogurt, a variety of cereals, pastries, and breads.

NH Belfort G (40)NH Belfort G (38)

Even the selection of spreads and jams was impressive.

NH Belfort G (46)

Sam was pleased with the coffee station and was able to make himself the perfect cup!

NH Belfort G (45) NH Belfort G (47)

They even had donuts on the buffet table…

NH Belfort G (43)

… and you could make your own waffles!

NH Belfort G (41)

We were pleasantly stuffed when we set out for a full day of exploring the wonderful city of Ghent.

Ghent (83)

One final aspect of the hotel I want to highlight, that not all guests have the opportunity to experience, is the underground cellar bar.

NH Belfort G (55)

This area can be rented out for private functions.

NH Belfort G (56)

With curved brick archways and stone pillars, this stunning space offers guests a unique setting to host their next social event or business reception.

NH Belfort G (54)

All in all, we had a lovely stay at NH Gent Belfort.

We find it ironic that Ghent Tourism’s slogan is “Ghent: More Than a One Night Stay” and after having only stayed for one night, I would absolutely agree! We certainly would have fancied a longer stay, but again… we’ll be back someday!

Ghent (77)

We’d like to thank NH Gent Belfort for their partnership, as they provided us with a complimentary stay so we could share our experiences with you.

As always, our write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences we had.


  1. I want to soak in that tub! That breakfast looked so yummy! I wouldn’t leave the hotel 🙂

  2. We stayed at the Marriott and it was pretty awesome. Some of my friends stayed at the NH and they were pleased too !

    • Always nice to find a great hotel in a fun city! We explored the city by day and came back to a nice and relaxing room with all of the necessary amenities for a wonderfully relaxing evening!

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