Rafting on the Soca River in Bovec


The Soča River- ‘The Emerald Beauty‘ The Soča River, characterized by its vibrant emerald-colored water, flows through western Slovenia and into northeastern Italy. It becomes known as the Isonzo River …

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Piran: A Coastal Town in Slovenia

Piran (2)

Slovenia isn’t typically a country most people think of when they think of beautiful Mediterranean coastline and beaches. While visiting the capital city of Ljubljana, we realized the Slovene Riviera …

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Brda: The Tuscany of Slovenia

Brda (2)

Brda, the land of hills, is nestled midway between the Alps and the Adriatic. It has been given the nickname the ‘Tuscany of Slovenia’ for its countless vineyards, rolling hills, …

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Lake Bled at Sunrise

Lake Bled Sunrise (21)

There are some things in life worth waking up for by alarm at 4 am. Catching the sunrise at Lake Bled is one of them. Since we were staying in …

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