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Taking a helicopter tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world (Kauai, Hawaii) with the doors off sounds awesome, right?! Well, it was…with just a few minor annoyances.

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For one, it’s cold and LOUD! We were provided with massive headphones to block some of the wind noise and to allow us to communicate during flight. We dressed in layers to combat the higher elevation temperature change, but one thing I (Toccara) wasn’t prepared for was the insane and constant whipping of my hair. Of course, I knew it would be windy flying in a helicopter with no doors; I just assumed that pulling my hair back in a ponytail would be enough. Nope! Upon completion of our tour I attempted to run a brush through my hair and put it back into a ponytail. However, I could barely even get the hair tie out of what had become a tangled mess on top of my head. Following a soak in our resort’s hot tub and a shower where I used almost a full bottle of conditioner, I barely managed to get a brush through the web of knots on my head. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world, but I would plan accordingly on our next helicopter tour.

Lesson Learned: When doing a doors-off helicopter tour, if you have long hair, put your hair in a braid and wear a beanie cap of some sort to prevent the wind from getting to your precious locks!

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